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Ocellus Lucanus

Ocellus Lucanus, a Pythagorean philosopher, born in Lucania in the 5th century BC, was perhaps a... more »

Ofer Biham

Ofer Biham is a faculty member at The Racah Institute of Physics of the Hebrew University of... more »

Olaf Dreyer

Olaf Dreyer is a German theoretical physicist and postdoctoral fellow in the Department of... more »

Olav Kallenberg

Olav Kallenberg, is a probability theorist known for his work on exchangeable stochastic... more »

Ole Worm

Ole Worm, who often went by the Latinized form of his name Olaus Wormius, was a Danish physician... more »

Oleg D. Jefimenko

Oleg Dmitrovich Jefimenko - physicist and Professor Emeritus at West Virginia University. more »

Oleg Firsov

Oleg Borisovich Firsov – was a Russian Soviet physicist-theorist known for his work on atomic... more »

Oleg Losev

Oleg Vladimirovich Losev was a scientist and inventor, born to a high-ranking family in Imperial... more »

Oleg Sushkov

Oleg Sushkov is a Professor at the University of New South Wales and a leader in the field of... more »

Oleksiy Pohorielov

Oleksiy Vasyl'evych Pohorielov, was a Soviet and Ukrainian mathematician. He was most famous for... more »

Olexander Smakula

Olexander Smakula was a Ukrainian physicist known for the invention of anti-reflective lens... more »

Oliver Heaviside

Oliver Heaviside FRS was a self-taught English electrical engineer, mathematician, and physicist... more »

Oliver Joseph Lodge

Sir Oliver Joseph Lodge, FRS was a British physicist and writer involved in the development of... more »

Oliver Penrose

Oliver Penrose FRS, FRSE is a British theoretical physicist. He is the son of the scientist... more »

Olli Lounasmaa

Olli Viktor Lounasmaa was a Finnish academician, experimental physicist and neuroscientist. He... more »

Ordal Demokan

Ordal Demokan was a Turkish physicist. more »

Orest Khvolson

Orest Danilovich Khvolson or Chwolson was a Russian physicist and honorary member of the Soviet... more »

Orso Mario Corbino

Orso Mario Corbino was an Italian physicist and politician. He served as the minister for... more »

Osborne Reynolds

Osborne Reynolds FRS was a prominent Anglo-Irish innovator in the understanding of fluid... more »

Oscar Sala

Oscar Sala, Italian-Brazilian nuclear physicist and important scientific leader, Emeritus... more »

Oscar W. Greenberg

Oscar Wallace Greenberg is an American physicist and professor at University of Maryland,... more »

Oskar Heil

Oskar Heil was a German electrical engineer and inventor. He studied physics, chemistry,... more »

Oskar Klein

Oskar Benjamin Klein was a Swedish theoretical physicist. Klein was born in Danderyd outside... more »

Ottaviano-Fabrizio Mossotti

Ottaviano-Fabrizio Mossotti was an Italian physicist exiled from Italy for his liberal ideas. He... more »

Otto Chr. Bastiansen

Otto Christian Astrup Bastiansen was a Norwegian physicist and chemist. He was the son of priest... more »

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