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P. Buford Price

Paul Buford Price, usually known as P. Buford Price, is a professor in the Graduate School at... more »

P. Tabeling

Patrick Tabeling is a renowned french physicist, microfluidics pioneer in France, professor at... more »

Padre Bancalari

Padre Bancalari was professor of natural philosophy at the University of Genoa. In 1847, he... more »

Paolo Casati

Paolo Casati was an Italian Jesuit mathematician. Born in Piacenza to a Milanese family, he... more »

Partha Ghose

Partha Ghose, is an Indian physicist, author, anchorperson and professor at the S.N. Bose... more »

Pascual Jordan

Ernst Pascual Jordan was a theoretical and mathematical physicist who made significant... more »

Patricia Lewis

Dr. Patricia Lewis is a British and Irish nuclear physicist and arms control expert, who is... more »

Patrick Blackett, Baron Blackett

Patrick Maynard Stuart Blackett, Baron Blackett OM CH FRS was an English experimental physicist... more »

Patrick d'Arcy

Patrick d'Arcy was born in the west of Ireland. His family, who were Catholics, suffered under... more »

Patrick N. Keating

Dr. Patrick N. Keating is a theoretical physicist who has contributed to several fields of... more »

Paul Alfred Biefeld

Dr. Paul Alfred Biefeld was a German-American electrical engineer, astronomer and teacher. more »

Paul Auguste Ernest Laugier

Paul Auguste Ernest Laugier was a French astronomer, one of two French astronomers referred to... more »

Paul Chaikin

Paul Chaikin is an American physicist. Professor Paul Chaikin earned his undergraduate degree... more »

Paul Davies

Paul Charles William Davies, AM is an English physicist, writer and broadcaster, a professor at... more »

Paul Dirac

Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac OM FRS was an English theoretical physicist who made fundamental... more »

Paul E. Klopsteg

Paul Ernest Klopsteg was an American physicist. The asteroid 3520 Klopsteg was named after him... more »

Paul Ehrenfest

Paul Ehrenfest was an Austrian and Dutch theoretical physicist, who made major contributions to... more »

Paul Erman

Paul Erman was a German physicist from Berlin, Brandenburg and a Huguenot of the fourth... more »

Paul Frampton

Paul Howard Frampton is a particle phenomenologist. Since 1996, he has been the Louis D. Rubin,... more »

Paul G. Hewitt

Paul G. Hewitt is an American physicist, former boxer, uranium prospector, author, and... more »

Paul Gerber

Paul Gerber was a German physicist. He studied in Berlin from 1872-1875. In 1877 he became a... more »

Paul Ginsparg

Paul Henry Ginsparg is a physicist widely known for his development of the ArXiv.org e-print... more »

Paul H. Carr

Paul Henry Carr is a physicist and researcher. His ten patents have contributed to compact,... more »

Paul Halpern

Paul Halpern is an American Professor of Physics, and Fellow in the Humanities at the University... more »

Paul Horowitz

Paul Horowitz is an American physicist and electrical engineer, known primarily for his work in... more »

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