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Sidney Drell

Sidney David Drell American theoretical physicist and arms control expert. He a professor... more »

Sidney Redner

Sidney Redner is a Canadian-born physicist, professor, and department chair of physics at Boston... more »

Siegfried Czapski

Siegfried Czapski was a German physicist and optician. more »

Sigurd Zienau

Sigurd Zienau was a physicist notable for the theory of the polaron. more »

Silvo Breskvar

Silvo Breskvar was a Slovenian mathematician and physicist. more »

Simon Ramo

Simon "Si" Ramo is an American physicist, engineer, and business leader. He led development of... more »

Simon van der Meer

Simon van der Meer was a Dutch particle accelerator physicist who shared the Nobel Prize in... more »

Sin-Itiro Tomonaga

Sin-Itiro Tomonaga was a Japanese physicist, influential in the development of quantum... more »

Sinyan Shen

Sinyan Shen is an American physicist and classical composer. more »

Sir Andrew Noble, 1st Baronet

Sir Andrew Noble, 1st Baronet KCB FRS was a Scottish physicist noted for his work on ballistics... more »

Sir George Stokes, 1st Baronet

Sir George Gabriel Stokes, 1st Baronet FRS, was a mathematician, physicist, politician and... more »

Sisir Kumar Mitra

Sisir Kumar Mitra was an Indian Bengali physicist. more »

Sofia Kovalevskaya

Sofia Vasilyevna Kovalevskaya was the first major Russian female mathematician, responsible for... more »

Solomon Saltiel

Solomon Mois Saltiel, was a Bulgarian physicist, researcher and university lecturer. more »

Somnath Bharadwaj

Somnath Bharadwaj is an Indian theoretical physicist who works on Theoretical Astrophysics and... more »

Sophie Germain

Marie-Sophie Germain was a French mathematician, physicist, and philosopher. Despite initial... more »

Sow-Hsin Chen

Sow-Hsin Chen, is an American physicist and Professor Emeritus at Massachusetts Institute of... more »

Spencer R. Weart

Spencer R. Weart was the director of the Center for History of Physics of the American Institute... more »

Spiru Haret

Spiru C. Haret was a Romanian-Armenian mathematician, astronomer and politician. He made a... more »

Stan Frankel

Stanley Phillips "Stan" Frankel was an American computer scientist. He was born in Los Angeles,... more »

Stanford E. Woosley

Stanford Earl Woosley is a physicist, and Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics. He is the... more »

Stanislas Sorel

Stanislas Sorel was a French engineer, raised the son of a poor clock-maker. Sorel filed a... more »

Stanislav Mikheyev

Stanislav Pavlovich Mikheyev was a Russian physicist known for a co-discovering of the MSW effect. more »

Stanisław Mrozowski

Stanisław Wojciech Mrozowski was a Polish born American physicist. He was a professor of physics... more »

Stanley G. Love

Dr. Stanley G. Love, Ph.D. is an American scientist and a NASA astronaut. more »

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