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Stanley Mandelstam

Stanley Mandelstam is a South African-born American theoretical physicist. He introduced the... more »

Stanley Schmidt

Stanley Albert Schmidt is an American science fiction author. Between 1978 and 2012 he served as... more »

Stanton T. Friedman

Stanton Terry Friedman is a professional Ufologist who resides in Fredericton, New Brunswick,... more »

Stefan Hell

Stefan W. Hell is a physicist and one of the directors of the Max Planck Institute for... more »

Stefan Meyer

Stefan Meyer was an Austrian physicist involved in research on radioactivity. He became director... more »

Ștefan Procopiu

Ștefan Procopiu was a Romanian physicist. more »

Stéphane Roux

Stéphane Roux is a French physicist specializing in surface mechanics and fractures. He is... more »

Stephanie Wehner

Stephanie Wehner is a physicist and computer scientist at the Centre for Quantum Technologies,... more »

Stephen E. Harris

Stephen E. Harris is an American physicist known for his contributions to electromagnetically... more »

Stephen Gray

Stephen Gray was an English dyer and amateur astronomer, who was the first to systematically... more »

Stephen Hawking

Stephen William Hawking CH CBE FRS FRSA is an English theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author... more »

Stephen L. Adler

Stephen Louis Adler is an American physicist specializing in elementary particles and field theory. more »

Stephen Luttrell

Stephen Luttrell is a British physicist. He was educated at Wyggeston Grammar School and then... more »

Stephen Parke

Stephen Parke is a New Zealand physicist. He is a Senior Scientist and Head of the Theoretical... more »

Stephen Shenker

Stephen Hart Shenker is an American theoretical physicist who works on string theory. He is a... more »

Stephen Thorsett

Stephen Erik Thorsett is an American professor and astronomer. His research interests include... more »

Stephen Wolfram

Stephen Wolfram is a scientist and technologist, known for his contributions to theoretical... more »

Steve MacLean

Steven Glenwood MacLean is a Canadian astronaut. He was the President of the Canadian Space... more »

Steven Chu

Steven Chu is an American physicist who served as the 12th United States Secretary of Energy... more »

Steven E. Jones

Steven Earl Jones is an American physicist. Among scientists, Jones became known for his long... more »

Steven Frautschi

Steven Frautschi is an American theoretical physicist, Professor of Physics at the California... more »

Steven Girvin

Steven M. Girvin is an American physicist, who is the Eugene Higgins Professor of Physics and... more »

Steven Gwon Sheng Louie

Steven Gwon Sheng Louie is a computational condensed-matter physicist. He is a professor of... more »

Steven R. White

Steven R. White is a professor of physics at the University of California at Irvine. He... more »

Steven Weinberg

Steven Weinberg is an American theoretical physicist and Nobel laureate in Physics for his... more »

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