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W. G. Unruh

William George Unruh is a Canadian physicist at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver,... more »

W. Jason Morgan

William Jason Morgan is an American geophysicist who has made seminal contributions to the... more »

W. Lewis Hyde

Walter Lewis Hyde was an American physicist, an early contributor to the field of fiber optics... more »

W. R. Dean

William Reginald Dean was a British applied mathematician and fluid dynamicist. His research... more »

W. W. Hansen

William Webster Hansen was a U.S. physicist who was one of the founders of the technology of... more »

Waldo K. Lyon

Waldo Kampmeier Lyon was the founder and chief research scientist for the U.S. Navy of the... more »

Walker Bleakney

Walker Bleakney was an American physicist, one of inventors of mass spectrometers, and widely... more »

Wallace Clement Sabine

Wallace Clement Sabine was an American physicist who founded the field of architectural... more »

Walter Dornberger

Major-General Dr Walter Robert Dornberger was a German Army artillery officer whose career... more »

Walter Dröscher

Walter Dröscher is a physicist who worked at the Austrian Patent office. Now in retirement, he... more »

Walter E. Massey

Walter Eugene Massey is an educator, physicist, and business executive. He is the current... more »

Walter Franz

Walter Franz was a theoretical physicist who independently discovered the Franz–Keldysh... more »

Walter Gerlach

Walter Gerlach was a German physicist who co-discovered spin quantization in a magnetic field,... more »

Walter Gilbert

Walter Gilbert is an American physicist, biochemist, molecular biology pioneer, and Nobel laureate. more »

Walter Gordon

Walter Gordon was a German theoretical physicist. more »

Walter H. Schottky

Walter Hermann Schottky was a German physicist who played a major early role in developing the... more »

Walter Heitler

Walter Heinrich Heitler was a German physicist who made contributions to quantum electrodynamics... more »

Walter Hoppe

Walter Hoppe was a German physicist and electron microscopist. Walter Hoppe was born in... more »

Walter Houser Brattain

Walter Houser Brattain was an American physicist at Bell Labs who, along with John Bardeen and... more »

Walter Kaufmann

Walter Kaufmann was a German physicist. He is best known for the first experimental proof of the... more »

Walter Kistler

Walter P. Kistler is a physicist, inventor, and philanthropist, born in 1918 in Biel,... more »

Walter Kohn

Walter Kohn is an Austrian-born American theoretical physicist. He was awarded, with John Pople,... more »

Walter Kutschera

Walter Kutschera is an Austrian physicist. more »

Walter M. Elsasser

Walter Maurice Elsasser was a German-born American physicist considered a "father" of the... more »

Walter Rogowski

Walter Rogowski was a German physicist who bridged the gap between theoretical physics and... more »

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