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Abe Wolfman

Abe Wolfman is a police officer. more »

Abel Kirui

Abel Kirui is a long-distance runner from Kenya who competes in marathons. He had back-to-back... more »

Adam Nolan

Adam Nolan is an Irish boxer from Enniscorthy, County Wexford who qualified for the 2012... more »

Ahmed Mourad Zulfikar

Ahmed Mourad Zulfikar was a senior police commissioner. more »

Akeem Musa Maluda

The Southern Economic Association is a regional-based economic organization based at The... more »

Alberto Fermi

Alberto Fermi was the father of Enrico Fermi. more »

Aldo Ray

Aldo Ray was an American actor. more »

Alex Fagan

Alex Emanuel Fagan was the former Chief of the San Francisco Police Department. Fagan was raised... more »

Alex Marshall

Alexander John Marshall QPM, better known as Alex Marshall, is the Chief Constable of the... more »

Alex Schwazer

Alex Schwazer, OMRI, is an Italian race walker. He was the Olympic 50k walk champion but retired... more »

Alexander Duncan

Alexander Mitchell Duncan CMG was a Scottish-Australian police officer. Duncan was Chief... more »

Alexandra Stoian

Alexandra Stoian is a biathlete. more »

Alfonzo Giordano

Alfonzo Giordano was a senior ranking officer in the Philadelphia Police Department, having... more »

Alfred James Mitchell

Alfred James Mitchell was a New Zealand police superintendent. He was born in Plymouth,... more »

Alfredo Lim

Alfredo Siojo Lim is a Chinese Filipino politician who served as Mayor of the City of Manila... more »

Ali Dizaei

Jamshid Ali Dizaei is a former Commander in London's Metropolitan Police Service, Iranian-born... more »

Allar Raja

Allar Raja is an Estonian rower. He is a member of rowing club "SK Kalev" located in Pärnu. more »

Allen Mueller

Allen Mueller was a police officer, real estate broker and and a part-time minister. He was the... more »

Amy O'Hara

Amy O'Hara is a former contestant on the reality television show Survivor: Guatemala. more »

Anand Sawant

Anand Sawant was the father of Rakhi Sawant. more »

Andi Langenhan

Andi Langenhan is a German luger who has been competing since 1995 and has been on the German... more »

Andre Ankri

Andre Ankri was a policeman and father of Etti Ankri. more »

Andre Stander

Andre Stander was a police captain at the CID branch of Kempton Park Police Station, South... more »

Andrea Cassarà

Andrea Cassarà is an Italian fencer and Olympian. He has won medals for foil. He won a bronze... more »

Andreas Waschburger

Andreas Waschburger is a German professional swimmer, specialising in Open water swimming. He... more »

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