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Gábor Török

Gábor Török is a Hungarian political scientist and historian, assistant professor at the... more »

Gad Horowitz

Gad Horowitz is a Canadian political scientist. He is a professor emeritus at the University of... more »

Gesine Schwan

Gesine Schwan is a German political science professor and member of the Social Democratic Party... more »

Greg Schwartz

Greg Schwartz is Vice President of Sales at Zillow.com. Greg has previously served as Vice... more »

Gregory Koger

Dr. Gregory Koger is a political scientist in the United States, specializing in the study of... more »

Grzegorz Napieralski

Grzegorz Bernard Napieralski is a Polish left-wing politician, former chairman of the Democratic... more »

Guillermo O'Donnell

Guillermo A. O'Donnell was a prominent Argentine political scientist, who spent most of his... more »

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