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M. Crawford Young

M. Crawford Young is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. more »

Malcolm Kerr

Malcolm H. Kerr was a university professor, whose speciality was the Middle East and the Arab... more »

Malcolm Moos

Malcolm Charles Moos was an American political scientist. He received his bachelors and masters... more »

Malika Zeghal

Malika Zeghal is the Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Professor in Contemporary Islamic Thought and... more »

Mancur Olson

Mancur Lloyd Olson, Jr. was an American economist and social scientist. From 1967 until his... more »

Manfred G. Schmidt

Manfred G. Schmidt is Professor of Political Science at the Faculty of Economic and Social... more »

Manning Marable

William Manning Marable was an American professor of public affairs, history and... more »

Margaret Levi

Margaret Levi is an American political scientist and author, noted for her work in comparative... more »

Mark Bevir

Mark Bevir is a professor of political science and Director of the Center for British Studies at... more »

Mark Falcoff

Mark Falcoff is an American scholar and policy consultant who has worked with a number of... more »

Mark Q. Sawyer

Mark Sawyer is Associate Professor of African American Studies and Political Science at the... more »

Mark Schmitt

Mark Schmitt is an American political scientist and author, and is Director of the Fellows... more »

Marshall Berman

Marshall Howard Berman was an American philosopher and Marxist Humanist writer. He was a... more »

Martha Brill Olcott

Martha Brill Olcott is a leading U.S. expert on Central Asia and the Caspian. She is a senior... more »

Martha Finnemore

Martha Finnemore is a prominent constructivist scholar of international relations, and... more »

Martin Kramer

Martin Seth Kramer is an American-Israeli scholar of the Middle East at Shalem College in... more »

Martin Shefter

Martin Allen Shefter is an American political scientist and author, noted for his research on... more »

Martin. Wight

Robert James Martin Wight, also known as Martin Wight, was one of the foremost British scholars... more »

Maruyama Masao

Masao Maruyama was a leading Japanese political scientist and political theorist. His expertise... more »

Mats Berdal

Mats R. Berdal is Professor of Security and Development at the Department of War Studies, King's... more »

Matthew Mendelsohn

Matthew Mendelsohn is the founding director of the Mowat Centre, a Canadian public policy think... more »

Matthew Søberg Shugart

Matthew Søberg Shugart is an orchardist and professor of political science at the University of... more »

Matthias Küntzel

Matthias Küntzel, is a German author and a political scientist. He is a research associate at... more »

Maurice Duverger

Maurice Duverger is a French jurist, sociologist and politician. He was born in Angoulême,... more »

Mel Watkins

Mel Watkins is a Canadian political economist and activist. He is professor emeritus of... more »

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