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W. B. Gallie

Walter Bryce Gallie was a Scottish social theorist, political theorist, and philosopher. Bryce... more »

Waldron Fox-Decent

Waldron "Wally" Norman Fox-Decent, CM CMM OM MC CD is a Canadian professor, mediator and advisor... more »

Walter Bagehot

Walter Bagehot was a British journalist, businessman, and essayist, who wrote extensively about... more »

Walter Dean Burnham

Walter Dean Burnham is an authority on American elections and voting patterns, best known for... more »

Walter Mattli

Walter Mattli is a Fellow in Politics at St. John's College and Professor of International... more »

Warren Farrell

Warren Thomas Farrell is an American educator, activist and author of seven books on men's and... more »

Warren Miller

Warren Miller was an American political scientist in the field of American political behavior... more »

Wendy Brown

Wendy L. Brown is the First Professor of Political Science at the University of California,... more »

Westel W. Willoughby

Westel Woodbury Willoughby, was an American academic. He was the twin brother to William F... more »

Wilhelm Hennis

Wilhelm Hennis was a German political scientist. Hennis was born in Hildesheim. In 1960, he... more »

William Graham Sumner

William Graham Sumner was a Classic Liberal American academic and "held the first professorship... more »

William H. Riker

William Harrison Riker was an American political scientist who applied game theory and... more »

William Leuchtenburg

William Edward Leuchtenburg is William Rand Kenan Jr. professor emeritus of history at the... more »

William Muir

William Ker Muir more »

William Taubman

William Chase Taubman is an American political scientist. His biography of Nikita Khrushchev won... more »

William Thornton Rickert Fox

William Thornton Rickert Fox, generally known as William T. R. Fox or W. T. R. Fox, was an... more »

Willmoore Kendall

Willmoore Kendall was an American conservative writer and Professor of political philosophy. more »

Wilson Carey McWilliams

Wilson Carey McWilliams, aka Carey McWilliams, Jr., son of Carey McWilliams, was a political... more »

Wolfgang Abendroth

Wolfgang Abendroth was a socialist German jurist and political scientist. He was born in... more »

Wolfgang Dietrich

Wolfgang Dietrich is an Austrian peace researcher and political scientist. He is a member of the... more »

Woodrow Wilson

Thomas Woodrow Wilson was the 28th President of the United States, in office from 1913 to 1921... more »

Wu Teh Yao

Wu Teh Yao is an educator and a specialist in Confucianism and political science. more »

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