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Ángel Maza

Ángel Eduardo Maza is an Argentine Justicialist Party politician. He was the governor of La... more »

Ángel O. Berríos

Ángel O. Berríos was a native of Caguas, Puerto Rico. An engineer of profession, Berríos became... more »

Ángel Pestaña

Ángel Pestaña Nuñez was a Spanish Anarcho-syndicalist and later Syndicalist leader. more »

Ángel Roberto Seifart

Ángel Roberto Seifart is a Paraguayan senior politician from the Colorado Party. Seifart was a... more »

Ángel Rozas

Ángel Rozas is an Argentine politician. He is a leading member of the Radical Civic Union and... more »

Ángel Serafín Seriche Dougan

Ángel Serafín Seriche Dougan was Prime Minister of Equatorial Guinea from April 1, 1996 to March... more »

Ángel Sergio Guerrero Mier

Ángel Sergio Guerrero Mier. He is a lawyer and Mexican politician, member of the Institutional... more »

Ângela Guadagnin

Ângela Moraes Guadagnin is a Brazilian politician and physician. She was the mayor of São José... more »

Ángeles González Sinde

Ángeles González-Sinde Reig is a Spanish scriptwriter, film director and politician. She was... more »

Ângelo Correia

Ângelo Correia is a Portuguese manager, engineer and politician, former Minister of Internal... more »

Ántero Asto

Ántero Asto Flores is a Peruvian educator and politician. He was Resurgimiento Peruano's... more »

Árni Mathiesen

Árni M. Mathiesen is an Icelandic politician. From September 2005 through 31 January 2009, he... more »

Árni Sigfússon

Árni Sigfússon is the former mayor of Reykjavík, Iceland's capital and was the mayor of the town... more »

Árpád Duka-Zólyomi

Árpád Duka-Zólyomi was a Hungarian nuclear physicist, university teacher and politician from... more »

Árpád Göncz

Árpád Göncz is a Hungarian liberal politician and former President of Hungary. Göncz played a... more »

Árpád Házi

Árpád Házi was a Hungarian communist politician, who served as Interior Minister between 1951... more »

Árpád Henney

Árpád Henney was a Hungarian politician and military officer, who served as Minister without... more »

Árpád Szabó

Árpád Szabó was a Hungarian politician, who served as Speaker of the National Assembly of... more »

Árpád Szakasits

Árpád Szakasits was a Hungarian Social Democrat, then Communist political figure. He served as... more »

Åsa Domeij

Åsa Domeij, born 29 April 1962 in Örnsköldsvik, is a Swedish Green Party politician and an... more »

Åsa Elvik

Åsa Elvik is a Norwegian politician for the Socialist Left Party. She was elected to the... more »

Åsa Linderborg

Åsa Natacha Linderborg is a Swedish writer and historian. She writes regularly for Aftonbladet,... more »

Åsa Lindestam

Åsa Lindestam is a Swedish social democratic politician. She has been a member of the Riksdag... more »

Åsa Romson

Åsa Elisabeth Romson is a Swedish politician and a member of the Green Party. She has been... more »

Åsa Torstensson

Åsa-Britt Maria Torstensson is Swedish politician and a member of the Centre Party. She has a... more »

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