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Étienne Cabet

Étienne Cabet was a French philosopher and utopian socialist. He was the founder of the Icarian... more »

Étienne Charles de Loménie de Brienne

Étienne Charles de Loménie de Brienne was a French churchman, politician and finance minister of... more »

Étienne Clavière

Étienne Clavière was a Swiss-born French financier and politician of the French Revolution. more »

Étienne de Boré

Étienne de Boré was a French planter who was known for producing the first granulated sugar in... more »

Étienne François, duc de Choiseul

Étienne-François, comte de Stainville, duc de Choiseul was a French military officer, diplomat... more »

Étienne Hirsch

Étienne d'Anjou Hirsch was a French civil engineer and administrator who served as President of... more »

Étienne Joseph Louis Garnier-Pagès

Étienne Joseph Louis Garnier-Pagès was a French politician, born at Marseille. Soon after his... more »

Étienne Maurice Gérard

Étienne Maurice Gérard, comte Gérard was a French general and statesman. He served under a... more »

Étienne Pinte

Étienne Pinte, is a French politician, born in Ixelles,. He held the position Député-maire of... more »

Étienne Poulin

Étienne Poulin was a farmer and political figure in Quebec. He represented Rouville in the... more »

Étienne Schmit

Étienne Schmit was a Luxembourgian politician and jurist. He served in the Chamber of Deputies,... more »

Étienne Tshisekedi

Étienne Tshisekedi wa Mulumba is a politician who leads the Union for Democracy and Social... more »

Étienne-Denis Pasquier

Étienne-Denis, duc de Pasquier, Chancelier de France, was a French statesman. In 1842, he was... more »

Étienne-François Letourneur

Étienne-François-Louis-Honoré Letourneur, Le Tourneur, or Le Tourneur de la Manche was a French... more »

Étienne-Théodore Pâquet

Étienne-Théodore Pâquet was a French-Canadian civil law notary, and provincial politician and... more »

Évariste Kimba

Evariste Kimba Mutombo served briefly as the Republic of the Congo's Prime Minister from October... more »

Ève Péclet

Ève Péclet is a Canadian politician, who was elected to the Canadian House of Commons in the... more »

Ģirts Valdis Kristovskis

Ģirts Valdis Kristovskis is a Latvian politician. He is a member of Unity. Kristovskis served in... more »

İbrahim Bilgen

İbrahim Bilgen was a Turkish politician, electrical engineer and activist. He was born in... more »

İbrahim Kaypakkaya

İbrahim Kaypakkaya the leader of the Turkish communist movement. He was the founder of the... more »

İdris Naim Şahin

İdris Naim Şahin is a Turkish politician who was elected to the Turkish Grand National Assembly... more »

İhsan Özkes

İhsan Özkes, Turkish politician, and cleric. more »

İhsan Sabri Çağlayangil

İhsan Sabri Çağlayangil was a Turkish Justice Party politician, who was Minister of Foreign... more »

İhsan Saraçlar

İhsan Saraçlar was a Turkish lawyer and politician. He was born in Samsun. From 1991 to 1995 he... more »

İkbal Berber

İkbal Berber ist eine deutsch-türkische Politikerin und ehemalige Abgeordnete des Saarländischen... more »

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