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Abdelkarim Harouni

Abdelkarim Harouni is a Tunisian politician. He serves as the Minister of Transport under Prime... more »

Abdelkarim Zbidi

Abdelkarim Zebidi is a Tunisian politician. During the reshuffle of 27 January 2011 of Prime... more »

Abdelkhalek Torres

Abdelkhalek Torres was a Moroccan journalist and nationalist leader based in Tetouan, Morocco... more »

Abdelkrim Motii

Abdelkrim Motii is the co-founder with Kamal Ibrahim of Chabiba islamia, a violent, clandestine... more »

Abdellah Baha

Abdellah Baha is a Moroccan politician of the Justice and Development Party. Since 3 January... more »

Abdellatif Abid

Abdellatif Abid is a Tunisian politician. He serves as the Minister of Education under Prime... more »

Abdellatif Filali

Abdellatif Filali was a Moroccan politician and diplomat under King Hassan II. Filali was known... more »

Abdellatif Mekki

Abdellatif Mekki is a Tunisian politician. He serves as the Minister of Public Health under... more »

Abdelmalek Sellal

Abdelmalek Sellal is an Algerian politician who has been Prime Minister of Algeria since 3... more »

Abdelmunim al-Rifai

Abdul-Monem Rifai was a Jordanian diplomat and political figure of Palestinian descent. He was... more »

Abdelouahed Belkeziz

Abdelouahed Belkeziz, CBE is a Moroccan lawyer, politician and diplomat. He served as the eighth... more »

Abdelraouf al-Rawabdeh

Abdelraouf al-Rawabdeh was Prime Minister of Jordan from 4 March 1999 until 19 June 2000, a... more »

Abdelrazak al-Restom al-Dandachi

Abdelrazak al-Restom al-Dandachi Arabic: عبدالرزاق الرستم الدندشي‎ was a Syrian politician. He... more »

Abdelsalam al-Majali

Abdelsalam al-Majali is a Jordanian physician and politician who served twice as the prime... more »

Abdelwahab Abdallah

Abdelwahab Abdallah is a Tunisian politician and diplomat who served as the Minister of Foreign... more »

Abdelwahed Radi

Abdelwahed Radi is a Moroccan politician and current head of the Socialist Union of Popular... more »

Abdelwahid Bouabdallah

Abdelwahid Bouabdallah has been CEO of Air Algérie since March 1, 2008 up to 19 June 2011,... more »

Abderrahim Zouari

Abderrahim Zouari is a Tunisian politician. He was the Minister of Transport from 2004 to 2011... more »

Abderrahman Sadik Karim

Abderrahman Sadik Karim born at 2nd March 1962 in kirkuk was Minister of Environment in the... more »

Abderrahmane Farès

Abderrahmane Farès was the Chairman of the Provisional Executive of Algeria from 3 July 1962 to... more »

Abderrahmane Youssoufi

Abderrahmane Youssoufi is a Moroccan politician who served as the Prime Minister of Morocco from... more »

Abderraouf Ayadi

Abderraouf Ayadi is a Tunisian politician and lawyer. He is the former secretary general of the... more »

Abderraouf El Basti

Abderraouf El Basti is a Tunisian politician. He is the former Minister of Culture and... more »

Abdessalam Jalloud

Abdessalam Jalloud was the Prime Minister of Libya from 16 July 1972 to 2 March 1977. He was... more »

Abdessalem Mansour

Abdessalem Mansour is a Tunisian politician. He was the Minister of Agriculture under former... more »

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