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Aurelia Gieler

Aurelia Gieler, geborene Kornfeind ist eine ehemalige österreichische Politikerin und... more »

Aurelia Greene

Aurelia Greene represented District 77 in the New York State Assembly, which comprises the... more »

Aurelian Ridsdale

Sir Edward Aurelian Ridsdale GBE was a British Liberal politician and leading member of the... more »

Aureliano Chaves

Aureliano Chaves was a Brazilian politician. Born in Três Pontas, state of Minas Gerais, he was... more »

Aureliano Coutinho, Viscount of Sepetiba

Aureliano de Sousa e Oliveira Coutinho, Viscount of Sepetiba was a Brazilian politician, judge... more »

Aureliano Sánchez Arango

Aureliano Sánchez Arango was a Cuban lawyer, politician and university professor. Sanchez served... more »

Aurelie Deffner

Aurelie Deffner war eine bayerische Politikerin der SPD und eine der ersten weiblichen... more »

Aurélie Filippetti

Aurélie Filippetti is a French politician and novelist of Italian descent. Her family originates... more »

Aurélien Bélanger

Aurélien Bélanger was an Ontario political figure. He represented Russell in the Legislative... more »

Aurélien Gill

Aurélien Gill, CQ was a Canadian Senator from his appointment in 1998 until his retirement in 2008. more »

Aurélien Noël

Aurélien Noël was a Liberal party member of the Canadian House of Commons. He was born in... more »

Aurelio Caicedo Ayerbe

Aurelio Caicedo Ayerbe was a Colombian lawyer and diplomat. He served as the 14th Permanent... more »

Aurelio Juri

Aurelio Juri is a Slovenian politician and journalist of Italian ethnic origin. Between 2008 and... more »

Aurelio Mosquera

Don Aurelio Mosquera Narváez was an Ecuadorian politician who served as President of Ecuador... more »

Aurelio Pastor

Aurelio Pastor Valdivieso is a Peruvian politician and a former Congressman representing San... more »

Aurelio Saffi

Aurelio Saffi was an Italian politician, active during the period of Italian unification. He was... more »

Aurelius Victor

Sextus Aurelius Victor was a historian and politician of the Roman Empire. Aurelius Victor was... more »

Aurora Quezon

Aurora Antonia Aragón Vd.ª de Quezón, usually known simply as Aurora Quezón, and sometimes as... more »

Aurora Reyes Flores

Aurora Reyes Flores was a Mexican painter, as well as the first female exponent of Mexican muralism. more »

Aurore Martin

Aurore Martin is a Basque politician of French citizenship for the Abertzale Basque separatist... more »

Ausburn Birdsall

Ausburn Birdsall was a U.S. Representative from New York. Born in Otego, New York, Birdsall was... more »

Aussie Malcolm

Anthony George "Aussie" Malcolm is a former National Party politician in New Zealand. more »

Austen Albu

Austen Harry Albu was a British Labour Member of Parliament for Edmonton. He first won the seat... more »

Austen Chamberlain

Sir Joseph Austen Chamberlain, KG was a British statesman, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize,... more »

Austen Hudson

Austen Hudson was a Conservative Party politician in the United Kingdom. He was elected as... more »

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