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Aziz Ahmed

Aziz Ahmed, HPk, was a career Pakistani statesman and diplomat during the Cold war served as... more »

Aziz Ahmed Khan

Aziz Ahmed Khan was Pakistan's High commissioner to India from June 2003 to September 2006. His... more »

Aziz Akhenouch

Aziz Akhenouch is a Moroccan businessman and current interim minister of finance in Abdelilah... more »

Aziz Aliyev

Dr. Aziz Mammad Karim oglu Aliyev, Ph.D., was an Azerbaijani, Dagestani and Soviet politician,... more »

Aziz Duwaik

Aziz Duwaik has been the Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council since his election to... more »

Aziz Ezzat Pasha

Aziz Ezzat Pasha was an Egyptian politician. more »

Aziz Ishak

Abdul Aziz bin Ishak is a Malaysian freedom fighter, politician and journalist. Aziz was, in... more »

Aziz Kocaoğlu

Aziz Kocaoğlu is the mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey's third largest city. He... more »

Aziz Pahad

Aziz Pahad is a South African politician, who served as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs from... more »

Aziz Sait

Aziz Sait was an Indian politician, who served in the council of ministers of Karnataka state. A... more »

Aziz Sedki

Aziz Sedki was an Egyptian politician and engineer. Sedki served as the Prime Minister of Egypt... more »

Aziza Sleyum Ally

Aziza Sleyum Ally is a Member of Parliament in the National Assembly of Tanzania. more »

Azizan Abdul Razak

Tan Sri Dato' Seri Azizan bin Abdul Razak was the menteri besar of the Malaysian state of Kedah... more »

Azmi Bishara

Azmi Bishara, a former member of the Knesset, the Israeli parliament and founder of the Balad... more »

Azmi Khalid

Dato' Seri Azmi Khalid is a former member of the Parliament of Malaysia. He represented the... more »

Azmi Maulana Obaidullah Khan

Azmi Maulana Obaidullah Khan, a politician from the Indian National Congress party, is a member... more »

Azra Jafari

Azra Jafari was appointed as the first female mayor in Afghanistan by President Hamid Karzai in... more »

Azuma Konno

Azuma Konno was a Japanese politician of the Democratic Party of Japan, a member of the House of... more »

Azuma Koshiishi

Azuma Koshiishi is a Japanese politician of the Democratic Party of Japan, a member of the House... more »

Azwar Abubakar

Hajji Azwar Abubakar is the current Administrative Reform Minister of Indonesia. more »

Azwar Anas

Azwar Anas is a former Indonesian politician. Born in Padang, West Sumatra on 2 August 1931, he... more »

Azza Alqasmi

Azza Alqasmi is a politician and athlete. more »

Azzeddine Laraki

Azzeddine Laraki was a politician who served as prime minister in Morocco. more »

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