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Caleb H. Baumes

Caleb Howard Baumes was an American lawyer and politician from New York more »

Caleb Heathcote

Caleb Heathcote was the 31st Mayor of New York City from 1711 to 1713. His estate in Westchester... more »

Caleb Hopkins

Caleb Hopkins was a farmer and politician in Upper Canada. He was born in New Jersey in 1785 and... more »

Caleb Lyon

Caleb Lyon was Governor of Idaho Territory from 1864 to 1865 during the last half of the... more »

Caleb Newbold Taylor

Caleb Newbold Taylor was a Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Pennsylvania. more »

Caleb P. Bennett

Caleb Prew Bennett was an American soldier and politician from Wilmington, in New Castle County,... more »

Caleb Powers

Caleb Powers was a United States Representative from Kentucky and the first Secretary of State... more »

Caleb Rand Bill

Caleb Rand Bill was a member of the Canadian Senate. Born in Billtown, Nova Scotia, a town... more »

Caleb Rice

Caleb Rice was an American politician and businessman, the first Mayor of Springfield,... more »

Caleb S. Layton

Hon. Caleb Sipple Layton was at various stages of his life a lawyer, member of the Delaware... more »

Caleb Smith Woodhull

Caleb Smith Woodhull was the 70th Mayor of New York City from 1849 to 1851. more »

Caleb Tompkins

Caleb Tompkins was a U.S. Representative from New York, and the brother of Daniel D... more »

Caleb Walton West

Caleb Walton West was Governor of Utah Territory twice, 1886–1888 and 1893-1896. Born in... more »

Caleb Wright

Caleb Wright was a mill owner and Liberal politician in Lancashire, north-west England. He was... more »

Caleb Zagi

Caleb Zagi was elected Senator for Kaduna South constituency of Kaduna State, Nigeria, taking... more »

Caledon Du Pré

Caledon George Du Pré was an English Conservative Party politician who sat in the House of... more »

Calhoun Allen

Littleberry Calhoun Allen, Jr. was a two-term Democratic mayor of Shreveport, Louisiana, the... more »

Călin Popescu-Tăriceanu

Călin Constantin Anton Popescu-Tăriceanu is a Romanian politician who was the Prime Minister of... more »

Călin Vieru

Călin Vieru is a Moldovan politician. more »

Calippus of Syracuse

Callippus was a tyrant of Syracuse who ruled briefly for thirteen months from 354 to 352 BC. He... more »

Calixte Savoie

Calixte F. Savoie was a Canadian businessman, school principal, teacher, and politician. Born in... more »

Calle Schlettwein

Calle Schlettwein is a Namibian politician who has served in the government of Namibia as... more »

Callias II

Callias was an Ancient Greek statesman, soldier and diplomat, active in 5th century BCE. He is... more »

Callias III

Callias was an ancient Athenian aristocrat and political figure. He was the son of Hipponicus by... more »

Callias of Chalcis

Callias of Chalcis, son of Mnesarchus, together with his brother Taurosthenes, succeeded his... more »

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