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Q. Byrum Hurst

Quincy Byrum Hurst, Sr., was a Hot Springs attorney and a Democratic member of the Arkansas... more »

Qaboos bin Said Al Said of Oman

Qaboos bin Said Al Said is the Sultan of Oman and its Dependencies. He rose to power after... more »

Qadir Obeidi

Lt. Gen. Abdul Qadir Mohammed Jassim Obeidi al-Mifarji' was the Defence Minister of Iraq in the... more »

Qadoura Mousa

Qadoura Mousa was the governor of the Jenin Governorate of the Palestinian National Authority,... more »

Qadriddin Aslonov

Qadriddin Aslonov, also spelled Kadriddin Aslonov, was acting President of Tajikistan between... more »

Qadura Fares

Qadura Fares was a Palestinian Authority minister without portfolio under Prime Minister Ahmed... more »

Qahhor Mahkamov

Qahhor Mahkamov served as First Secretary of the Communist Party of Tajikistan and was the first... more »

Qahtan Muhammad al-Shaabi

Qahtan Muhammad al-Shaabi was the first President of the People's Republic of South Yemen... more »

Qaim Ali Shah

Syed Qaim Ali Shah is the Chief Minister of Sindh, Sindh President of the Pakistan Peoples Party... more »

Qais Abd al-Karim

Qais Abd al-Karim, also known as Abu Layla or Qays Samarra’i, is a leading Palestinian... more »

Qaiser Ahmed Sheikh

Qaiser Ahmed Sheikh is a Pakistani politician and businessman in Karachi. He was elected two... more »

Qamar Aden Ali

Qamar Aden Ali was a Somali lawyer and politician. She served as the Minister of Health in the... more »

Qamar ul Islam

Qamar ul Islam, generally referred as Qamar Sab, is an Indian politician who was former Member... more »

Qamar Zaman Kaira

Qamar Zaman Kaira was the minister of information and mass-media broadcasting in the Government... more »

Qamil Musa Haxhi Feza

Qamil Musa Haxhi Feza was an Albanian statesman. He became a Chairman of the Administrative... more »

Qari Ahmadullah

Qari Ahmadullah was an Afghan politician and the Taliban's first interior minister in 1996. He... more »

Qari Ziauddin

Qari Ziauddin was a local militia leader in Afghanistan's Badakhshan Province, the province in... more »

Qasim Abid Muhammad Hammadi al-Fahadawi

Qasim Mohammad Abid Hammadi al-Fahadawi is an Iraqi politician and businessman who has been the... more »

Qasim Sultan Al Banna

Qasim Sultan al-Banna has been director general of Dubai Municipality since 1992. He was... more »

Qassim Daoud

Qassim Abbas Daoud is an Iraqi scientist and politician. Born in Al Hillah, he graduated from... more »

Qazi Fazlullah Ubaidullah

Qazi Fazlullah Ubaidullah was a politician from Sindh, Pakistan. Qazi Fazlullah Ubaidullah was... more »

Qazi Hussain Ahmad

Qazi Hussain Ahmad was a prominent religious scholar, Islamic theologian, Islamic democracy... more »

Qazi Muhammad

Qazi Muhammad was a Kurdish leader and the Head of the Republic of Kurdistan, the second modern... more »

Qazi Muhammad Essa

Qazi Muhammad Essa had great participation in the formation of political party of Muslims... more »

Qazim Koculi

Qazim Koculi was an Albanian politician of the early 20th century and one-day acting Prime... more »

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