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Ruedi Lais

Ruedi Lais ist ein Schweizer Politiker. Lais ist von Beruf System-Ingenieur. Er sitzt seit 2000... more »

Ruedi Lustenberger

Ruedi Lustenberger is a Swiss politician and President of the Swiss National Council for... more »

Ruediger Lentz

Ruediger Lentz is the Executive Director of the Aspen Institute Germany based in Berlin. more »

Rufai Garba

Group Captain Rufai Garba was the Military Administrator of Anambra State in Nigeria from 21... more »

Rufat Amirov

Colonel Rufat Amirov is a retired military officer who had served as the acting Chief of General... more »

Rufat Aslanli

Rufat Aslanli Jabrayil oglu, also spelled as Rufat Aslanly is an Azerbaijani politician who... more »

Ruffin Pleasant

Ruffin Golson Pleasant was the 36th Governor of Louisiana from 1916–1920, who is remembered for... more »

Ruffy Biazon

Ruffy Biazon is a Filipino politician and the son of senator Rodolfo Biazon. He is the former... more »

Rufino Ortega

Rufino Ortega was an Argentine military man and politician. more »


Flavius Rufinus was a 4th-century Eastern Roman Empire statesman of Gaulish extraction who... more »

Rufius Gennadius Probus Orestes

Rufius Gennadius Probus Orestes was a Roman aristocrat. He was appointed consul for the year... more »

Rufus A. Doughton

Rufus A. Doughton was a member of the North Carolina General Assembly from Alleghany County,... more »

Rufus Ada-George

Rufus Ada-George was elected Governor of Rivers State, Nigeria, holding office from January 1992... more »

Rufus B. Tebbetts

Rufus B. Tebbetts early settler of San Diego. Tebbetts was born c. 1828 in New Hampshire and was... more »

Rufus B. von KleinSmid

Rufus Bernhard von KleinSmid was the Seventh President of the University of Arizona and the... more »

Rufus Barringer

Rufus Clay Barringer was a North Carolina lawyer, politician, and American Civil War brigadier... more »

Rufus Bautista Rodriguez

Rufus B. Rodriguez is a Filipino politician. A member of the Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino party,... more »

Rufus Bousquet

Rufus George Bousquet is a Saint Lucian politician who formerly represented the constituency of... more »

Rufus Bullock

Rufus Brown Bullock was an American politician. more »

Rufus Choate

Rufus Choate, American lawyer and orator, was born in Ipswich, Massachusetts, a descendant of an... more »

Rufus Curry

Rufus Curry was a manufacturer and painter in Nova Scotia. He was appointed to the Senate of... more »

Rufus D. Hayes

Rufus D. Hayes was an attorney, judge, and businessman from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who served... more »

Rufus H. King

Rufus H. King was a U.S. Representative from New York. more »

Rufus Hardy

Rufus Hardy was a United States Representative of the Democratic Party from the state of Texas. more »

Rufus Henry Pope

Rufus Henry Pope was a Canadian politician. Born in Cookshire, Canada East, the son of John... more »

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