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Rui de Sá

Rui de Sá served as the representative of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola to... more »

Rui Duarte de Barros

Rui Duarte de Barros is the Transitional Prime Minister of Guinea-Bissau since May 16, 2012. more »

Rui Falcão

Rui Falcão is a Brazilian politician, the incumbent president of the Workers' Party. He also... more »

Rui Pereira

Rui Pereira is the Portuguese Minister of Internal Administration. He took office May 17, 2007... more »

Rui Rio

Rui Fernando da Silva Rio, GCIH is a Portuguese politician and former Mayor of Porto. Rio... more »

Rukiya Chekamondo

Rukiya Kulany Chekamondo, sometimes spelled as Rukia Kulany Chekamondo, is a Ugandan educator... more »

Rukman Senanayake

Rukman Senanayake, is a long standing Sri Lankan politician and was former Member of Parliament... more »

Rukmini Devi Arundale

Rukmini Devi Arundale was an Indian theosophist, dancer and choreographer of the Indian... more »

Rumiana Jeleva

Rumiana Ruseva Jeleva Bulgarian: Румяна Русева Желева was Bulgaria's minister of foreign... more »

Runar Karlsson

Runar Karlsson is a politician in the Åland Islands, an autonomous and unilingually Swedish... more »

Runar Patriksson

Runar Patriksson is a Swedish Liberal People's Party politician, member of the Riksdag 1998–2006. more »

Rune Bjerke

Rune Bjerke is a Norwegian businessperson and politician for the Labour Party. Rune is son of... more »

Rune Fredh

Rune Fredh was a Norwegian politician who was Party Secretary of the Socialist Electoral League... more »

Rune Gerhardsen

Rune Gerhardsen is a Norwegian politician, representing the Norwegian Labour Party. He is a son... more »

Rune Gustavsson

Rune Gustavsson was a Swedish politician. He was a member of the Centre Party. more »

Rune J. Skjælaaen

Rune J. Skjælaaen is a Norwegian politician for the Centre Party. He was elected to the... more »

Ruocheng Ying

Ying Ruocheng, Manchu people, was a Chinese actor, director, playwright and Vice Minister of... more »

Rupa Huq

Rupa Asha Huq is an English writer, columnist, Labour Party politician, senior lecturer in... more »

Rupa Karunathilake

Lokugamage Rupasena Karunathilake was a cabinet minister and Member of Parliament representing... more »

Rupatai Patil Nilangekar

Patil Rupatai Diliprao Nilangekar was a member of the 14th Lok Sabha of India. She represented... more »

Rupchand Murmu

Rupchand Murmu is an Indian politician and a member of the Communist Party of India political... more »

Rupchand Pal

Rupchand Pal is an Indian politician and a member of the Communist Party of India political... more »

Rupert Beale

Rupert Noel Beale was an Australian politician and an Independent member of the New South Wales... more »

Rupert Berger

Rupert Berger was a German politician, representative of the Christian Social Union of Bavaria... more »

Rupert Blue

Rupert Blue was an American physician and soldier. He was the fourth Surgeon General of the... more »

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