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Rüstem Pasha

Rüstem Pasha Opuković was an Ottoman statesman. He served as the grand vizier of sultan Suleiman... more »

Rustie Lee

Rustie Lee is a television chef, actress and musician in the United Kingdom. She is famous for... more »

Rustum Ghazaleh

Rustum Ghazaleh is a Syrian military and intelligence officer. more »

Rusty Crowe

Dewey "Rusty" Crowe, is a Tennessee politician and a member of the Tennessee Senate representing... more »

Rutger B. Miller

Rutger Bleecker Miller was a United States Representative from New York. His father was Morris... more »

Rutger Jan Schimmelpenninck

Rutger Jan Schimmelpenninck, Lord of Nyenhuis, Peckedam and Gellicum, was a Dutch politician of... more »

Ruth Ann Minner

Ruth Ann Minner is an American politician and businesswoman from Milford, in Kent County,... more »

Ruth Baker Pratt

Ruth Baker Pratt, was an American politician and the first congresswoman to be elected from New... more »

Ruth Bascom

Ruth Bascom was an American politician who served as the first female Mayor of Eugene, Oregon... more »

Ruth Becher

Ruth Becher ist eine österreichische Politikerin und Abgeordnete zum österreichischen Nationalrat. more »

Ruth Bryan Owen

Ruth Bryan Owen was the daughter of William Jennings Bryan. A Democrat, in 1929 she became... more »

Ruth Clusen

Ruth Chickering Clusen was an American conservationist, politician, civil rights activist, and... more »

Ruth Coppinger

Ruth Coppinger is an Irish Socialist Party politician for Dublin West, who was elected as a... more »

Ruth Dalton

Florence Ruth Dalton, known as Ruth Dalton and later Lady Dalton, was a British Labour Party... more »

Ruth Deech, Baroness Deech

Ruth Lynn Deech, Baroness Deech, DBE is a British academic, lawyer and bioethicist, most noted... more »

Ruth Dreifuss

Ruth Dreifuss é uma política suiça. more »

Ruth Dwyer

Ruth Dwyer is a Vermont political figure who was the unsuccessful Republican nominee for... more »

Ruth Dyson

Ruth Suzanne Dyson is a New Zealand politician. She is a member of the Labour Party and has been... more »

Ruth Ellen Brosseau

Ruth Ellen Brosseau is a Canadian politician. She was elected to the Canadian House of Commons... more »

Ruth Evensen

Ruth Evensen is the co-founder and leader of the Christian free church Faderhuset which became... more »

Ruth First

Ruth First was a South African anti-apartheid activist and scholar born in Johannesburg, South... more »

Ruth Fischer

Ruth Fischer was a German Communist, a co-founder of the Austrian Communist Party in 1918... more »

Ruth Forrest

Ruth Jane Forrest is an independent member of the Tasmanian Legislative Council in the electoral... more »

Ruth Fuchs

Ruth Fuchs, née Gamm is a German politician and former athlete. Fuchs, representing East... more »

Ruth Galanter

Ruth Galanter was an environmentalist who served on the Los Angeles, California, City Council... more »

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