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Ulla Anttila

Ulla Mari Ainikki Anttila is a Finnish politician and a former member of Finnish Parliament,... more »

Ulla Burchardt

Ursula "Ulla" Burchardt is a German politician and member of the SPD. more »

Ulla Bussek

Ulla Bussek ist eine Hamburger Politikerin der Grünen Alternativen Liste,. more »

Ulla Groskurt

Ulla Groskurt ist eine deutsche Politikerin und Mitglied des Niedersächsischen Landtags. more »

Ulla Hoffmann

Ulla Hoffmann is a Swedish Left Party politician. Hoffmann was interim party leader for a short... more »

Ulla Jelpke

Ursula "Ulla" Jelpke is a marxist German journalist and politician. Jelpke is member of the... more »

Ulla Löfgren

Ulla Löfgren is a Swedish politician of the Moderate Party. She has been a member of the Riksdag... more »

Ulla Olsson

Ulla Olsson is a Swedish politician. She is both the opposition leader and chairman of the... more »

Ulla Schmidt

Ursula Schmidt is a German politician. She is a member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany. more »

Ulla Tørnæs

Ulla Pedersen Tørnæs is a Danish politician and the former Minister for Development Cooperation... more »

Ulla Werbrouck

Ulla Werbrouck is a Belgian politician and former judoka. At the 1996 Summer Olympics, she won... more »

Ülle Rajasalu

Ülle Rajasalu is an Estonian Politician. She became the governor of Harju County in 2009. more »

Ullrich Galle

Ullrich Galle ist ein deutscher Gewerkschafter und Politiker. more »

Ullrich Kemmer

Ullrich Kemmer ist ein deutscher Politiker. Von Dezember 2006 bis Januar 2008 war er Mitglied... more »

Ullrich Meßmer

Ullrich Meßmer ist ein deutscher Politiker und Gewerkschafter. Er ist seit 2009 Mitglied des... more »

Ullrich Sierau

Ullrich Sierau ist ein deutscher Politiker der SPD und seit dem 19. Mai 2010 zum zweiten Male... more »


Ulpian was a Roman jurist of Tyrian ancestry. more »

Ulpiano Colóm

Ulpiano Colóm y Ferrer was Mayor of Ponce, Puerto Rico, during part of 1898. more »

Ulpu Iivari

Ulpu Iivari is a Finnish Social-Democrat politician and former member of the European... more »

Ulric-Joseph Tessier

Ulric-Joseph Tessier was a Quebec lawyer, judge, seigneur and political figure. He was a member... more »

Ulrica Messing

Ulrica Messing is a Swedish Social Democratic former politician. She was Minister for... more »

Ulrica Schenström

Ulrica Schenström is a Swedish politician and a member of the Moderate Party. She was Secretary... more »

Ulrich Adam

Ulrich Adam is a German politician and member of the CDU. A mathematician and economist by... more »

Ulrich Biel

Ulrich Biel was a German politician and representative of the German Christian Democratic... more »

Ulrich Born

Ulrich Born is a German lawyer and politician, representative of the German Christian Democratic... more »

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