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Vladimir Bodescu

Vladimir Bodescu was a Bessarabian politician. more »

Vladimir Bogos

Vladimir Bogos was a Bessarabian politician. more »

Vladimir Bozhko

Vladimir Karpovich Bozhko is the minister of emergency situations in Kazakhstan. more »

Vladimir Cazacliu

Vladimir Cazacliu was a Bessarabian politician. more »

Vladimir Chiorescu

Vladimir Chiorescu was a Bessarabian politician. more »

Vladimir Chub

Vladimir Fyodorovich Chub is the governor of Rostov Oblast in Russia. He was appointed governor... more »

Vladimir Churov

Vladimir Yevgenyevich Churov is a Russian official and politician. Since March 26, 2007, he has... more »

Vladimír Clementis

Vladimír "Vlado" Clementis was a Slovak minister, politician, lawyer, publicist, literary... more »

Vladimir Cristi

Vladimir Cristi was a Romanian politician. more »

Vladimir Cvijan

Vladimir Cvijan, LL.M. is a former Advisor of the President of Serbia responsible for legal... more »

Vladimir Damgov

Vladimir Nikolov Damgov was a Bulgarian physicist, mathematician, union leader and... more »

Vladimir Dedijer

Vladimir Dedijer was a Bosnian Serb Yugoslav partisan fighter, communist politician and Josip... more »

Vladimir Dekanozov

Vladimir Georgievich Dekanozov was a Soviet senior state security operative and diplomat. more »

Vladimír Dlouhý

Vladimír Dlouhý is a Czech economist and politician. more »

Vladimir Dolgikh

Vladimir Ivanovich Dolgikh was a Soviet-Russian political figure; a head of the Metallurgical... more »

Vladimir Dragović

Vladimir Dragović is a Full Research Professor at Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, the... more »

Vladimir Dzhunkovsky

Vladimir Fyodorovich Dzhunkovskiy was a Russian statesman. He held the posts of the Governor of... more »

Vladimir Fyodorovich Promyslov

Vladimir Fyodorovich Promyslov was a Russian Soviet Communist political figure. He served as the... more »

Vladimir Gruzdev

Vladimir Sergeyevich Gruzdev is a Russian politician, the governor of Tula Oblast., businessman... more »

Vladimir Gusinsky

Vladimir Aleksandrovich Gusinsky is a Russian media tycoon. He is known as the founder of the... more »

Vladimir Hertza

Vladimir Hertza was a Moldovan politician. more »

Vladimir Igorevich Kozhin

Vladimir Igorevich Kozhin is a Russian businessman and official. In March 1993 he became the... more »

Vladimir Ivanovich Ivanov

Vladimir Ivanovich Ivanov served as the first General Secretary of the Communist Party of the... more »

Vladimir Ivashko

Vladimir Antonovich Ivashko, was briefly the acting General Secretary of the Communist Party of... more »

Vladimir Jovanović

Vladimir Jovanović was a Serbian Philosopher, political theorist, economist, politician,... more »

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