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Vladimir Karpov

Vladimir Vasilyevich Karpov was a Soviet writer of historical novels and public figure. He was... more »

Vladimír Klokočka

Vladimír Klokočka was a Czech lawyer, legal expert and politician. Klokocka was a signatory to... more »

Vladimir Kokovtsov

Count Vladimir Nikolaevich Kokovtsov was a Russian politician who served as the Prime Minister... more »

Vladimir Kolesnikov

Vladimir Ilyich Kolesnikov is a Russian lawyer and politician. Kolesnikov was born in Gudauta,... more »

Vladimir Kolokoltsev

Vladimir Alexandrovich Kolokoltsev is a Russian politician and policeman who was the Moscow... more »

Vladimir Kryuchkov

Vladimir Alexandrovich Kryuchkov was a Soviet politician and statesman. From 1988 to 1991 he... more »

Vladimir Kulakov

Vladimir Grigoryevich Kulakov was the 3rd Governor of Voronezh Oblast in Russia from 2000 to... more »

Vladimir Lamsdorf

Count Vladimir Nikolayevich Lamsdorf was a Russian statesman of Baltic German descent who served... more »

Vladimir Laptev

Vladimir Nikolayevich Laptev is the Head of the Administration of Noginsky District, Moscow... more »

Vladimir Lenin

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin was a Russian communist revolutionary, politician and political theorist... more »

Vladimir Lukin

Vladimir Petrovich Lukin is Russian liberal political activist currently serving as the Human... more »

Vladimir Luxuria

Vladimir "Vladi" Luxuria born Wladimiro Guadagno in Foggia, Apulia is an Italian actress,... more »

Vladimír Mečiar

Vladimír Mečiar is a former Slovak politician who served three times as Prime Minister of... more »

Vladimir Medinsky

Vladimir Rostislavovich Medinsky is a Russian political figure, publicist, professor of the... more »

Vladimir Migranovich Movsisyan

Vladimir Migranovich Movsisyan is an Armenian politician. He studied at Highest school of CPSU... more »

Vladimir Mikanba

Vladimir Tach-ipa Mikanba was the Minister of Defence of the partially recognised Republic of... more »

Vladimir Mikhailovich Belyaev

Vladimir Mikhailovich Belyaev is the minister of information and telecommunications of... more »

Vladimir Nazor

Vladimir Nazor was Croatian poet and politician. He was the first Speaker of the Croatian... more »

Vladimir Nikolayev

Vladimir Nikolayev is a Russian politician accused of membership in the Russian Mafia. He was a... more »

Vladimir Norov

Vladimir Imamovich Norov is a former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan. He was appointed... more »

Vladimir Novikov

Vladimir Nikolaevich Novikov was a Soviet-Russian statesman was Chairman of the State Planning... more »

Vladimir Novosiad

Vladimir Novosiad is a Belarusian politician of liberal orientation, the leader of Belarusian... more »

Vladimir Orlov

Vladimir Pavlovich Orlov was Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian SFSR... more »

Vladimir Ovsyannikov

Vladimir Anatolevich Ovsyannikov is a member of the Russian State Duma. He is a member of the... more »

Vladimír Palko

Vladimír Palko is a Slovak politician. He is a member of the National Council of the Slovak... more »

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