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Valery Golubev

Valery Aleksandrovich Golubev is a Russian politician and businessman. He is a former Head of... more »

Valery Kan

Valery Vladimirovich Kan is Deputy of the urban Duma in the city of Ussuriysk, Primorsky Krai,... more »

Valery Kokov

Valery Mukhamedovich Kokov was a Russian politician of Kabardian ethnicity. more »

Valery Nazarov

Valery Lvovich Nazarov is a Russian official and politician. From October 12, 1999, to November... more »

Valery Radayev

Valery Vasilievich Radaev, — Russian state personality, speaker and chairman of Duma of Saratov... more »

Valery Serdyukov

Valery Pavlovich Serdyukov is Russian politician who was served as governor of Leningrad Oblast... more »

Valery Shantsev

Valery Pavlinovich Shantsev, born 29 June 1947 in Susanino, Kostroma Oblast, is the governor of... more »

Valery Solomonovich Gurevich

Valery Solomonovich Gurevich a Russian politician, is the vice-governor of the Jewish Autonomous... more »

Valery Tishkov

Valery Tishkov is an ethnologist and former chairman of the State Committee of RSFSR on... more »

Valery Zorkin

Valery Dmitrievich Zorkin is the first and the current Chairman of the Constitutional Court of... more »

Valgerd Svarstad Haugland

Valgerd Svarstad Haugland is a Norwegian teacher, politician and civil servant. She was leader... more »

Valgerður Sverrisdóttir

Valgerður Sverrisdóttir is an Icelandic politician. She was a member of the Althing for the... more »

Valiko Jugheli

Vladimir “Valiko” Jugheli was a Georgian politician and military commander. He was involved in... more »

Valko Chervenkov

Vulko Velev Chervenkov was a Bulgarian communist politician. He served as leader of the... more »

Vallabhbhai J. Patel

Vallabhbhai J. Patel oder kurz Vallabh Patel ist ein in Indien geborener deutscher Chirurg und... more »

Vallabhbhai Kathiria

Dr. Vallabhbhai Kathiria is a member of the 14th Lok Sabha of India. He represents the Rajkot... more »

Vallabhbhai Patel

Sardar Vallabhbhai Jhaverbhai Patel was an Indian barrister and statesman, one of the leaders of... more »

Vallo Reimaa

Vallo Reimaa is an Estonian politician of the Pro Patria and Res Publica Union. From April 2007... more »

Valmont Martin

Valmont Martin was a Canadian physician and politician, serving as mayor of Quebec City from... more »

Valmore A. Whitaker

Valmore Augustus Whitaker was an American businessman and politician who served as a member and... more »

Valmore Bienvenue

Valmore Bienvenue was a lawyer and political figure in Quebec. He represented Bellechasse in the... more »

Valter Gabrielsen

Valter Gabrielsen was a Norwegian politician for the Norwegian Labour Party. He was born in... more »

Valter Pereira

Valter PereiraPMDBMSLegislatura inicial:52 Legislatura final:53Ano inicial: 2003 Ano final:... more »

Van B. Poole

Van B. Poole is a former Republican politician from Florida. Born in Jackson, the seat of... more »

Van Braxton

Richard Vance "Van" Braxton was a member of the North Carolina General Assembly from North... more »

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