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Raymond Chow

Raymond Chow Man-Wai GBS is a Hong Kong film producer, and presenter. He is responsible for... more »

Raymond Gubbay

Raymond Gubbay is a classical music promoter and impresario based in London. The programme to... more »

Raymond Gutierrez

Raymond Kristoffer Rama Gutierrez, is a TV host, editor, columnist, endorser and actor in the... more »

Raymond Wong Bak-Ming

Raymond Wong Pak-Ming is a Hong Kong actor, film director, producer, screenwriter and presenter... more »

Raza Ali Abidi

Raza Ali Abidi is a Pakistani journalist and broadcaster who is best known for his radio... more »

Razan Moughrabi

Razan Moughrabi is a famous Lebanese singer, actress, and TV presenter on Arabic television. She... more »

Răzvan Simion

Răzvan Simion is one of the host of X Factor (Romania) since first season until its third season. more »

Rebecca Budig

Rebecca Jo Budig is an American actress and television presenter, best known for her role as... more »

Rebecca de Alba

Rebecca de Alba is a Mexican model and TV presenter. She studied Journalism in Colorado and went... more »

Rebecca Grant

Rebecca Grant, is an American actress. Grant is a graduate of the University at Buffalo, The... more »

Rebecca Huxtable

Rebecca 'Beccy' Huxtable is a British radio personality and producer, best known for her work as... more »

Rebecca John

Rebecca John is a presenter and reporter for Wales Today, BBC Wales on British television. John... more »

Rebecca Loos

Rebecca Loos is a Spanish-born Anglo-Dutch model and media personality, who came to media... more »

Rebecca Lowe

Rebecca Lowe is a sports reporter and presenter for NBC Sports. She previously worked at the... more »

Rebecca Maddern

Rebecca Maddern is an Australian journalist, news reporter and presenter. Maddern is currently a... more »

Rebecca Mir

Rebecca Mir is a model and TV show host. more »

Rebecca Morse

Rebecca Morse is an Australian journalist and news presenter. Morse is currently presenter of... more »

Rebecca Romijn

Rebecca Alie Romijn is an American actress and former fashion model. She is best known for her... more »

Rebecca Wilcox

Rebecca Wilcox is an English television presenter, mainly for the BBC. more »

Rebeka Dremelj

Rebeka Dremelj is a singer, model, fashion designer, actress, and TV presenter. She was chosen... more »

Red Symons

Red Symons is an actor and a film score composer. more »

Redvers Kyle

Redvers Kyle is a retired television announcer and presenter who worked on ITV in the United... more »

Reed Cowan

Darrin Reed Cowan is an American gay journalist. He was a documentary filmmaker, screenwriter,... more »

Refika Birgül

Refika Birgül is a Turkish food writer and television presenter. She is both the weekly food... more »

Reg Harcourt

Reg Harcourt is a television presenter. more »

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