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Bert Schenk

Bert Schenk was a German boxer. more »

Betulio González

Betulio Segundo González is a former boxer from Venezuela, who is considered a national hero in... more »

Bill Brassey

Bill Brassey was an English bare-knuckle boxer. On 26 October 1840 Ben Caunt defeated Bill... more »

Bill Brennan

Bill Brennan was an American boxer who fought and lost to World Heavy Weight Champion Jack... more »

Bill Richmond

Bill Richmond was an African American boxer, born a slave in Cuckold's Town, Staten Island, New... more »

Billy Backus

Billy Backus, born March 5, 1943 in Canastota, New York, is a former world boxing champion. In... more »

Billy Conn

William David "Billy" Conn was an American professional boxer and Light Heavyweight Champion... more »

Billy Costello

Billy Costello was a professional boxer in the United States. more »

Billy Dib

Billy "The Kid" Dib is an Australian professional boxer. He is the former IBF Featherweight... more »

Billy Edwards

Billy Edwards was a standout lightweight of the late 1860s and 1870s in England. more »

Billy Hardy

Billy Hardy is a former bantamweight and featherweight boxer champion. He held the British... more »

Billy Madden

Billy Madden is best known as a champion American boxer or pugilist, and pugilistic trainer, and... more »

Billy Murray

Billy Murray was an American boxer in the early 20th century. more »

Billy Papke

Billy Papke was an American boxer. Born in Spring Valley, Illinois, he was the son of German... more »

Billy Schwer

William Schwer, more commonly known as Billy Schwer, is a former professional boxer from Luton... more »

Billy Walker

Billy Walker is a former professional boxer and an actor. more »

Bob Fitzsimmons

Robert James "Bob" Fitzsimmons was a British professional boxer who made boxing history as the... more »

Bob Foster

Bob Foster is a native of Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA whom many boxing critics consider to be... more »

Bob Hope

Bob Hope, KBE, KCSG, KSS, born Leslie Townes Hope, was an English-born American comedian,... more »

Bob Montgomery

Bob Montgomery was an American lightweight boxer. He was born in Sumter, South... more »

Bob Olin

Robert Lous "Bob" Olin was an American boxer. He was the World Light Heavyweight Championship. more »

Bobby Cassidy

Bobby Cassidy, born April 19, 1944, is a former professional boxer who fought from 1963 to 1980... more »

Bobby Chacon

Bobby Chacon is an American former two-time world boxing champion. more »

Bobby Czyz

Robert Edward Czyz is a retired American boxer. A New Jersey native of Polish descent, he is... more »

Bobby Dobbs

Robert Lee “Bobby” Dobbs was an American football fullback and coach. more »

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