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Scott Gammer

Scott Gammer is a British boxer, based in Wales. He is a former holder of the British... more »

Scott Harrison

Scott Harrison is a former world boxing featherweight champion and the first Scottish boxer to... more »

Sean Gannon

Sean Gannon is an American police officer, and mixed martial arts fighter. He gained notoriety... more »

Sean Mannion

Sean Mannion is a former boxer in the light middleweight division. He boxed out of Massachusetts... more »

Sébastien Demers

Sébastien Demers is a Canadian professional boxer, known as "Double Trouble", who fights in the... more »

Şemsi Yaralı

Şemsi Yaralı is a world and European champion Turkish female boxer competing in the heavyweight... more »

Sergio Mora

Sergio "The Latin Snake" Mora is a Mexican American professional boxer trained by Dean Campos... more »

Serhiy Dzinziruk

Serhiy "Razor" Dzinziruk is a Ukrainian professional boxer in the junior middleweight division... more »

Shane Mosley

Shane Andre Mosley is an American professional boxer from Pomona, California. Mosley has held... more »

Shannon Briggs

Shannon Briggs is an American former boxer who competed in the heavyweight division. After a... more »

Sharmba Mitchell

Sharmba` Dave Mitchell, known professionally as Sharmba` Mitchell, is a boxer who was WBA light... more »

Shinji Takehara

Shinji Takehara was a professional boxer in the Middleweight division. He was the first and only... more »

Shoji Oguma

Shoji Oguma was a Japanese southpaw boxer at Flyweight. more »

Shozo Saijo

Shozo Saijo is a former professional boxer from Saitama, Japan. He is a former WBA featherweight... more »

Siarhei Liakhovich

Siarhei "White Wolf" Liakhovich, is a Belarusian boxer and a former WBO heavyweight champion. more »

Sid Smith

Sid Smith was an English flyweight boxer of Jewish heritage. He was the first officially... more »

Silvio Branco

Silvio Branco is a professional boxer in the cruiserweight division. His record is 59-9-2. more »

Simon Brown

Simon Brown is a former professional boxer. Known as "Mantequilla", a name given to him by his... more »

Simon Byrne

Simon Byrne, nicknamed "The Emerald Gem", was an Irish bare-knuckle prize fighter. The... more »

Simone Maludrottu

Simone Maludrottu is a professional boxer from Olbia, Sardinia, Italy. Maludrottu fights in the... more »

Sirimongkol Singwangcha

Sirimongkol Singwangcha is a professional light welterweight Thai boxer and kickboxer fighting... more »

Sixto Escobar

Sixto Escobar was a Puerto Rican professional boxer. Competing in the bantamweight division, he... more »

Sixto Rodriguez

Sixto Rodriguez is a former professional boxer and an actor. more »

Solly Krieger

Solly Krieger was an American middleweight boxer who fought from 1928-41. more »

Somrot Kamsing

Somrot Kamsing is a retired male boxer from Thailand, who competed for his Asian country at the... more »

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