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Bruce Lusignan

Bruce Lusignan is an emeritus professor of electrical engineering at Stanford University and a... more »

Bruce M Russett

Bruce Martin Russett is Dean Acheson Professor of Political Science and Professor in... more »

Bruce Mann

Bruce Hartling Mann is the Carl F. Schipper, Jr. Professor of Law at Harvard Law School and a... more »

Bruce Nelson

Joseph Bruce Nelson is a professor of history at Dartmouth College. He is a noted labor... more »

Bruce Owen

Bruce M. Owen is an economist and author. He currently serves as Morris M. Doyle Centennial... more »

Bruce Smith

Bruce Smith is an American poet. more »

Bruce Thom

Bruce Thom is a member of the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists, Emeritus Professor at the... more »

Bruce Wooley

Bruce A. Wooley is The Robert L. and Audrey S. Hancock Professor, Emeritus, in the School of... more »

Bruce Yandle

Bruce Yandle is Dean Emeritus of Clemson University's College of Business and Behavioral Science... more »

Bruno Frey

Bruno S. Frey is a Swiss economist. He is a guest professor for Political Economy at Zeppelin... more »

Bryan Brown

is at Stanford University. more »

Bryan Caplan

Bryan Douglas Caplan is an American economist, a professor of Economics at George Mason... more »

Bryan Chapell

Bryan Chapell is the former Chancellor of Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri,... more »

Bryan Gaensler

Bryan Malcolm Gaensler is an Australian astronomer and former Young Australian of the Year,... more »

Bryan Sykes

Bryan Sykes is a Professor of Human Genetics at the University of Oxford and a Fellow of Wolfson... more »

Bryan Willson

Bryan Willson is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Colorado State University, USA, and is... more »

Bryant Y. Lin

Bryant Lin is Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Stanford School of Medicine. more »

Büdragchaagiin Dash-Yondon

Büdragchaagiin Dash-Yondon is a Mongolian politician and former Chairman of Mongolian People's... more »

Buğra Atsız

Buğra Atsız was a academician and a writer. He is also a physician and professor. more »

Bülent Şenver

Bulent Şenver is a Turkish banker and lecturer in finance. more »

Burak Acar

Burak Acar is Assistant Professor of Electrical & Electronics Engineering at Boğaziçi... more »

Burhanuddin Rabbani

Burhanuddin Rabbani was President of the Islamic State of Afghanistan from 1992 to 1996. After... more »

Burt Neuborne

Burt Neuborne is a nationally renowned civil liberties defender. Professor Neuborne has acted as... more »

Burton Malkiel

Burton Gordon Malkiel is an American economist and writer, most famous for his classic finance... more »

Burton Visotzky

Burton L. Visotzky is a rabbi and scholar of midrash. He is the Appleman Professor of Midrash at... more »

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