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Phil Diamond

Philip John Diamond is a Professor in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of... more »

Phil Gramm

William Philip "Phil" Gramm is an American economist and politician, who has served as a... more »

Phil Jones

Philip Douglas Jones is the Director of the Climatic Research Unit and a Professor in the School... more »

Phil Nicolo

Phil Nicolo is a record producer and recording engineer. more »

Phil Redmond

Phil Redmond CBE is an English television producer and screenwriter from Huyton, Metropolitan... more »

Philip A. Klinkner

Philip A. Klinkner is an American political scientist, blogger and author. He is noted for his... more »

Philip A. Pizzo

Philip A. Pizzo is The Carl and Elizabeth Naumann Professor for the Dean of the School of... more »

Philip Bourne

Philip Eric Bourne is the Associate Vice Chancellor for Innovation and Industrial Alliances and... more »

Philip Cohen

Sir Philip Cohen FRS FRSE is a British researcher, academic and Royal Medal winner. During the... more »

Philip Cowley

Philip Cowley is a British political scientist and an academic at the University of Nottingham... more »

Philip D. Gingerich

Philip Dean Gingerich is a professor of paleontology, geology, biology, and anthropology; and... more »

Philip D. Morgan

Philip D. Morgan is a British historian. He has specialized in Early Modern colonial British... more »

Philip D. Zelikow

Philip David Zelikow is an American attorney, diplomat, academic and author. He has worked as... more »

Philip E. Gill

Philip E. Gill is Professor of Mathematics and Senior Fellow, San Diego Supercomputer Center at... more »

Philip E. Nelson

Philip E. Nelson is an American food scientist who is best known for his work in bulk aseptic... more »

Philip E. Oyer

Philip E Oyer is Roy B. Cohn-Theodore A. Falasco Professor in Cardiothoracic Surgery at Stanford... more »

Philip E. Tetlock

Philip E. Tetlock is Leonore Annenberg University Professor of Psychology and Management at the... more »

Philip F. Deaver

Philip F. Deaver is an American writer and poet from Tuscola, Illinois. His work has appeared in... more »

Philip G Altbach

Philip G. Altbach is an American author, researcher and professor at Boston College. more »

Philip Goad

Philip J. Goad is an Australian academic, currently serving as Professor of Architecture and... more »

Philip Gossett

Philip Gossett is an American musicologist and historian, and recently officially retired from... more »

Philip Guthrie Hoffman

Philip Guthrie Hoffman was the fifth president of the University of Houston, and the first... more »

Philip H. Scherrer

Philip H Scherrer is Professor (Research) of Physics and at the Hansen Experimental Physics... more »

Philip Hanawalt

Philip C. Hanawalt is an American biologist who discovered the process of repair replication of... more »

Philip Heymann

Philip B. Heymann is a former Deputy Attorney General in the Clinton administration and... more »

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