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Richard Sylla

Richard E. Sylla is Henry Kaufman Professor of the History of Financial Institutions and Markets... more »

Richard T. Antoun

Professor Richard "Dick" T. Antoun was an American anthropologist who specialized in Islamic and... more »

Richard T. Hoppe

Richard T. Hoppe is Henry S. Kaplan-Harry Lebeson Professor of Cancer Biology at Stanford... more »

Richard Tedlow

Richard S. Tedlow is the MBA Class of 1949 Professor of Business Administration at Harvard... more »

Richard Thaler

Richard H. Thaler is an American economist and the Ralph and Dorothy Keller Distinguished... more »

Richard Tol

Richard S. J. Tol is a professor of economics at the University of Sussex. He is also professor... more »

Richard Tomlinson

Richard Allan Tomlinson, FSA, publishes under R. A. Tomlinson, is a British archaeologist. He... more »

Richard Vatz

Richard Eugene Vatz is a professor in the Department of Mass Communication and Communication... more »

Richard Vedder

Richard K. Vedder is an American economist, historian, author, columnist, and currently... more »

Richard W. Garnett

Richard W. Garnett is an associate dean and professor of law at Notre Dame Law School, teaching... more »

Richard W. Tsien

Richard Winyu Tsien, is a Chinese-born American neurobiologist and engineer. He is the... more »

Richard Wassersug

Dr. Richard Joel Wassersug is an adjunct professor in the Department of Urologic Sciences at the... more »

Richard Wernick

Richard Wernick in Boston, Massachusetts is an American composer. He is best known for his... more »

Richard Wiseman

Richard Wiseman is Professor of the Public Understanding of Psychology at the University of... more »

Richard Wrangham

Richard W. Wrangham is a British primatologist. Following his years on the faculty of the... more »

Richard Wurtman

Richard Wurtman, M.D., is the Cecil H. Green Distinguished Professor at the Massachusetts... more »

Richard Yarborough

Richard Yarborough is Professor of English and African American literature and a Faculty... more »

Richard Zare

Richard Neil Zare is a Professor of Chemistry at Stanford University. His professional specialty... more »

Richard Zeckhauser

Richard Jay Zeckhauser is an American economist and the Frank P. Ramsey Professor of Political... more »

Rick Bragg

Rick Bragg is an American journalist and writer known for non-fiction books, especially those... more »

Rick Trainor

Sir Richard Hughes "Rick" Trainor KBE, FRHS, FKC, is an academic administrator and historian who... more »

Rigoberto González

Rigoberto González is an American writer and book critic. He is an editor and author of poetry,... more »

Riitta Katila

Riitta Katila is an Associate Professor of Management Science & Engineering and W.M. Keck... more »

Riordan Roett

Riordan Roett, is an American political scientist specializing in Latin America. He received his... more »

Risa Wechsler

Risa Wechsler is Assistant Professor of Physics and of Particle Physics and Astrophysics at... more »

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