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Anders Christian Kaysen

Anders Christian Kaysen is a programmer. more »

Anders Hejlsberg

Anders Hejlsberg is a prominent Danish software engineer who co-designed several popular and... more »

Anders Odden

Anders Odden, is a musician. He is the co-founder and guitarist of the Norwegian death metal... more »

Andi Gutmans

Andi Gutmans is an Israeli programmer and entrepreneur. He is a PHP developer and co-founder of... more »

Andreas Rumpf

Andreas Rumpf is a programmer. more »

Andreas Thorstensson

Andreas Thorstensson is a Swedish businessman, web developer and former professional gamer. He... more »

Andrew Bradfield

Andrew "Andy" Bradfield was a computer programmer from New Zealand best known for his work on... more »

Andrew Braybrook

Andrew Braybrook is a software engineer, a former game programmer. He created video games such... more »

Andrew Clausen

Andrew Clausen is an Australian free software developer and economist. He has worked on trust... more »

Andrew Fluegelman

Andrew Cardozo Fluegelman was a publisher, photographer, programmer and attorney best known as a... more »

Andrew Glaister

Andrew Glaister is a video game programmer. He initially started programming games on the ZX81... more »

Andrew Gower

Andrew Christopher Gower is a British video game developer and co-founder of Cambridge-based... more »

Andrew Koenig

Andrew R. Koenig is a former AT&T and Bell Labs researcher and programmer. He is the author of C... more »

Andrew Morton

Andrew Keith Paul Morton is an Australian software engineer, best known as one of the lead... more »

Andrew Plotkin

Andrew Plotkin, also known as Zarf, is a central figure in the modern interactive fiction... more »

Andrew Repasky McElhinney

Andrew Repasky McElhinney is an American film producer, writer and director born in Philadelphia... more »

Andrew S. Tanenbaum

Andrew Stuart "Andy" Tanenbaum is an American computer scientist and professor of computer... more »

Andrew Sega

Andrew Gregory Sega, also known as Necros, is an American musician best known for tracking... more »

Andrew Tridgell

Andrew "Tridge" Tridgell is an Australian computer programmer best known as the author of and... more »

Andrew Troelsen

Andrew W. Troelsen is a writer of many books about programming in C#. He has also written many... more »

Andrey Ershov

Academician Andrey Petrovych Ershov was a Soviet computer scientist, notable as a pioneer in... more »

Andy Gavin

Andrew Scott Gavin aka Andy Gavin is an American video game programmer, designer, entrepreneur,... more »

Andy Hertzfeld

Andy Hertzfeld is an American computer scientist and inventor who was a member of the original... more »

Andy Hunt

Andy Hunt is a writer of books on software development. Hunt co-authored The Pragmatic... more »

Anil Pal

Anil Pal is the father of Imran Khan. more »

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