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Babar Iqbal

Babar Iqbal is a young I.T. khanpuri pakistani who started computer programming at the age of 5... more »

Barrett Lyon

Barrett Gibson Lyon is an American Internet entrepreneur, pilot, and artist. more »

Ben Croshaw

Benjamin Richard "Yahtzee" Croshaw is a British-American comedic writer, video game journalist... more »

Benjamin Mako Hill

Benjamin Mako Hill is a Debian hacker, intellectual property researcher, activist and author. He... more »

Benjamin Rosenbaum

Benjamin Rosenbaum is an American science fiction, fantasy, and literary fiction writer and... more »

Benoît Minisini

Benoît Minisini is a French programmer best known for programming the Gambas graphical... more »

Bernard Greenberg

Bernard S. Greenberg is a programmer and computer scientist, known for his work on Multics and... more »

Bernd Schmidt

Bernd Schmidt is a retired German football player. He spent 7 seasons in the Bundesliga with SV... more »

Betty Holberton

Frances Elizabeth "Betty" Holberton was one of the six original programmers of ENIAC, the first... more »

Bill Chen

William "Bill" Chen is an American quantitative analyst, poker player, and software designer. more »

Bill Gates

William Henry "Bill" Gates III is an American business magnate, investor, programmer, inventor... more »

Bill Joy

Bill Joy, longtime KP Limited Partner, joined KPCB as Partner in January 2005.At KP he helps... more »

Bill Schelter

William Frederick Schelter was a professor of mathematics at The University of Texas at Austin... more »

Bill Williams

Bill Williams was a game designer and programmer and author. more »

Blake Ross

Blake Aaron Ross is an American software developer who is best known for his work as the... more »

Bo Jangeborg

Bo Jangeborg is a Swedish computer programmer. He made several programs for the ZX Spectrum, the... more »

Bob Blanchett

Bob Blanchett is a computer systems engineer. more »

Bob Sabiston

Bob Sabiston is an American film art director, computer programmer, and creator of the Rotoshop... more »

Bob Scheifler

Robert William Scheifler is an American computer scientist. He is most notable for leading the... more »

Bob Shannon

Robert Lavern Shannon is a former high school football coach best known for coaching the East... more »

Bob Velke

Robert "Bob" Velke is a computer programmer, owner of Wholly Genes Software, and creator of The... more »

Bob Whitehead

Robert A. "Bob" Whitehead is a game designer and programmer. He is a renowned pioneer and... more »

Bobby Ciraldo

Bobby Ciraldo is a filmmaker and web-based artist whose works include Hamlet A.D.D., William... more »

Bobo Shashi

Bobo Shashi is an Indian film composer from Tamil Nadu, India. more »

Brad Fitzpatrick

Bradley Joseph "Brad" Fitzpatrick, is an American programmer. He is best known as the creator of... more »

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