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D. Richard Hipp

Dwayne Richard Hipp is the architect and primary author of SQLite as well as Fossil SCM. He and... more »

Damian Conway

Damian Conway is a prominent member of the Perl community, a proponent of object-oriented... more »

Damien Doligez

Damien Doligez is a French academic and programmer. He is best known for his role as a developer... more »

Dan Bricklin

Daniel Singer "Dan" Bricklin, often referred to as “The Father of the Spreadsheet”, is the... more »

Dan Maynes-Aminzade

Dan Maynes Aminzade is a Nerdcore hip-hop artist and software engineer at Google. more »

Dan Otterburn

Perl programmer. more »

Daniel Benjamin

Daniel Benjamin is the brother of Marina Anderson, the son of Joseph Benjamin and a musician and... more »

Daniel D. McCracken

Daniel D. McCracken was a computer scientist in the United States. He was a Professor of... more »

Daniel Frandsen

Founder of Red Button Games and co-founder of 72 Hours Remain video game fundraising marathon. more »

Daniel Glazman

Daniel Glazman is a JavaScript programmer, best known for his work on Mozilla's Editor and... more »

Daniel Henry Holmes Ingalls, Jr.

Daniel Henry Holmes Ingalls, Jr. is a pioneer of object-oriented computer programming and the... more »

Daniel J. Barrett

Daniel J. Barrett is a writer, software engineer, and musician. He is best known for his... more »

Daniel J. Bernstein

Daniel Julius Bernstein is a mathematician, cryptologist, programmer, and professor of... more »

Daniel Kottke

Daniel Kottke is an American computer engineer and one of the earliest employees of Apple Inc. more »

Daniel Machado Grilo

One dummy description for me, because I care more »

Daniel O'Connor

I'm an interesting person residing in South Australia more »

Daniel Robbins

Daniel Robbins is a computer programmer and consultant best known as the founder and former... more »

Daniel Weinreb

Daniel L. Weinreb was a computer scientist and programmer, with significant work in the Lisp... more »

Danielle Bunten Berry

Danielle Bunten Berry, born Daniel Paul Bunten, and also known as Dan Bunten, was an American... more »

Danny Lange

Dr. Danny B. Lange is Principal Development Manager in the Startup Business Group at Microsoft... more »

Darin Adler

Darin Adler was the technical lead for Apple Computer's System 7 operating system release... more »

Dark Avenger

Dark Avenger was a pseudonym of a computer virus writer from Sofia, Bulgaria. He gained... more »

Dave Colclough

David E. Colclough is a Welsh professional poker player. more »

Dave Cross

Dave Cross is a British technical author, known in the Perl community for his work with Perl... more »

Dave Cutler

David Neil "Dave" Cutler, Sr. is an American software engineer, designer and developer of... more »

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