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Earl Isaac

Earl Judson Isaac, along with friend Bill Fair, set up the company Fair Isaac in a small studio... more »

Earl Levine

Earl Levine developed streaming media and audio watermarking technologies during the dot-com... more »

Ed Boon

Ed "Noob" Boon is an American video game programmer and director who had been employed for over... more »

Eddie Dombrower

Eddie Dombrower is an American computer game and video game designer, programmer and producer... more »

Edward Yourdon

Ed Yourdon is a computer software consultant and IT expert witness in his own firm, NODRUOY Inc,... more »

Elaine Weyuker

Elaine J. Weyuker is an ACM Fellow, an IEEE Fellow, and an AT&T Fellow at Bell Labs for research... more »

Elizabeth Rather

Elizabeth "Bess" D. Rather is the co-founder of FORTH, Inc. and is a leading expert in the Forth... more »

Elliot Koffman

Elliot Bruce Koffman is a noted computer scientist and educationist. He is the author of... more »

Eric Allman

Eric Paul Allman is an American computer programmer who developed sendmail and its precursor... more »

Eric Bina

Eric J. Bina is the co-creator of Mosaic and the co-founder of Netscape. In 1993, Bina along... more »

Eric Haines

Eric Haines is an American software engineer, and is an expert in computer graphics,... more »

Eric Lengyel

Eric Lengyel is a computer game engine developer with expertise in 3D graphics, animation,... more »

Eric S. Raymond

Eric Steven Raymond, often referred to as ESR, is an American computer programmer, author and... more »

Eric Sink

Eric Sink is a software developer and writer. He is the author of Eric Sink on the Business of... more »

Eric Wenger

Éric Wenger is a computer programmer, artist and musician based in Paris, France. He produces... more »

Erick Wujcik

Erick A. Wujcik was an American designer of both pen-and-paper and computer role-playing games,... more »

Erik Brown

I'm a software developer. I work on this website. more »

Erik Naggum

Erik Naggum was a Norwegian computer programmer recognized for his work in the fields of SGML,... more »

Ernest Friedman-Hill

Dr. Ernest Friedman-Hill is a principal member of the technical staff at Sandia National... more »

Esther Hatcher

Esther Hatcher is a programmer. more »

Eugene Jarvis

Eugene Peyton Jarvis is a game designer and programmer, known for producing pinball machines for... more »

Eugene Nalimov

Eugene Nalimov is a chess programmer and former Microsoft employee. Starting in 1998, he wrote a... more »

Evan Appleby

Evan Appleby is an actor and programmer. more »

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