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Jonathan Oxer

Jonathan Oxer is a computer programmer, Debian developer, author, entrepreneur, and Free... more »

Jonathan Sachs

Jonathan Sachs is a programmer who co-founded Lotus Development Corporation with Mitch Kapor in... more »

Jonathan Smith

Jonathan "Joffa" M. Smith was a British games programmer, best known for his titles for the ZX... more »

Jonathan Wildstrom

Jonathan Wildstrom is a software engineer. more »

Jonny Dollar

Jonathan Peter Sharp, better known by the pseudonym Jonny Dollar, was an English record producer... more »

Jordan Hubbard

Jordan K. Hubbard is a long-time open source developer, authoring software such as the Ardent... more »

Jorge Stolfi

Jorge Stolfi is a full professor of computer science at the State University of Campinas,... more »

Joshua Bloch

Joshua J. Bloch is a software engineer, formerly employed at Google, and a technology author. He... more »

Jukka Tapanimäki

Jukka Tapanimäki was a Finnish game programmer. Tapanimäki wrote his games for the Commodore 64... more »

Julian Assange

Julian Paul Assange is an Australian publisher and journalist, best known as the editor-in-chief... more »

Julian Seward

Julian Seward is a compiler writer and Free Software contributor who lives in Cambridge, UK. He... more »

Junio Hamano

Junio C Hamano is a Japanese software engineer and hacker best known for being the maintainer of... more »

Just van Rossum

Just van Rossum is a Dutch typeface designer and computer programmer. more »

Justin Frankel

Justin Frankel is an American computer programmer best known for his work on the Winamp media... more »

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