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L Peter Deutsch

L Peter Deutsch or Peter Deutsch is the founder of Aladdin Enterprises and creator of... more »

LaFarr Stuart

LaFarr Stuart, now retired, was an early computer music pioneer, computer engineer and member of... more »

Laida Lertxundi

Laida Lertxundi is a film director, producer and editor, cinematographer, lecturer, film teacher... more »

Larry Ewing

Larry Ewing is a U.S. computer programmer who is known as the creator of the Linux mascot, Tux... more »

Larry Kaplan

Larry Kaplan is an American video game designer and programmer. He initially worked at Atari and... more »

Larry McVoy

Larry McVoy is the CEO of BitMover, the company that makes BitKeeper, a version control system... more »

Larry Wall

Larry Wall is a computer programmer and author, most widely known as the creator of the Perl... more »

Lars Bak

Lars Bak is a Danish computer programmer who currently works for Google where he has contributed... more »

Lauris Kaplinski

Lauris Kaplinski é um autor da Estônia e um hacker de computador militante das causas do... more »

Leah Culver

Leah Culver is a programmer. Culver is a 2006 computer science graduate of the University of... more »

Lee Daniel Crocker

Lee Daniel Crocker is an American computer programmer and poker player. He is best known for... more »

Lee Wright

Lee Wright is a British computer/video game programmer. He was the co-founder of software houses... more »

Lennart Poettering

Lennart Poettering is a German computer free software programmer known for his work on... more »

Leonard Adleman

Leonard Max Adleman is an American theoretical computer scientist and professor of computer... more »

Leonard H. Tower, Jr.

Leonard "Len" H. Tower Jr. is a free software activist and one of the founding board members of... more »

Lincoln Stein

Professor Lincoln David Stein is a scientist and leader in bioinformatics and computational... more »

Linus Torvalds

Linus Benedict Torvalds is a Finnish American software engineer, who was the principal force... more »

Lois Haibt

Lois Haibt is an American computer scientist, and is perhaps most famous for being a member of... more »

Lou Montulli

Louis J. Montulli II is a programmer who is well known for his work in producing web browsers... more »

Luca Pagano

Luca Pagano is an Italian-born poker player who finished third place in the Barcelona Open, a... more »

Lucian Holland

Lucian Holland is the son of Merlin Holland. more »

Ludvig Strigeus

Ludvig Strigeus is a Swedish programmer best known for developing software such as the... more »

Lynne Jolitz

Lynne Greer Jolitz is a figure in free software and founded many startups in Silicon Valley with... more »

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