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Mal Hill

Mal Hill is the father of Lauryn Hill. more »

Malcolm Evans

Malcolm Evans is a British computer game programmer, best known for his games 3D Monster Maze... more »

Manfred Trenz

Manfred Trenz is a German computer game developer. He was the developer of the popular Turrican... more »

Marc Andreessen

Marc Lowell Andreessen is an American entrepreneur, investor, and software engineer. He is best... more »

Marc Fleury

Marc Fleury is the creator of JBoss, an open-source Java application server. Fleury was born in... more »

Margaret Lewis

Margaret Lewis was a computer programmer. She is also the mother of actor Emmanuel Lewis. more »

Mark Allen

Mark Allen is a software engineer, game programmer and game designer. As a student at the... more »

Mark Harris

Mark J. Harris is the Chief Technologist for GPU Computing at NVIDIA. He received a Ph.D. in... more »

Mark Jason Dominus

Mark Jason Dominus is the author of Higher-Order Perl: Transforming Programs with Programs which... more »

Mark Kriegsman

Mark Edwin Kriegsman is an American entrepreneur, computer programmer, inventor, writer, and... more »

Mark Nemenman

Mark Nemenman is a Soviet computer scientist, notable as a pioneer in systems programming and... more »

Mark Overmars

Markus Hendrik Overmars is a Dutch computer scientist and teacher of game programming known for... more »

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is an American computer programmer and internet entrepreneur. He is best... more »

Markus Dravs

Markus Dravs is a music producer, songwriter, programmer, engineer and mixer. His production... more »

Markus Frind

Markus Frind, CEO and Founder of Plentyoffish Media Inc.In 2003, Frind had to learn ASP.NET and... more »

Markus Persson

Markus Alexej "Notch" Persson is a Swedish video game programmer and designer. Persson is the... more »

Marshall Kirk McKusick

Marshall Kirk McKusick is a computer scientist, known for his extensive work on BSD, from the... more »

Mathias Feist

Mathias Feist is a ChessBase and Fritz programmer. He led the team that programmed Deep Fritz,... more »

Matt Burch

Matt Burch is a computer programmer who created the computer game Escape Velocity and programmed... more »

Matt Schwartz

Matt Schwartz is a multi-instrumentalist record producer a songwriter, an artist, DJ, and a... more »

Matthew Dillon

Matt Dillon est le leader du projet DragonFly BSD. Présent dans le milieu BSD depuis 1985, il... more »

Matthew Haughey

Matthew Haughey is an American programmer, web designer, and blogger best known as the founder... more »

Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith is a British computer game programmer. He created the games Manic Miner and Jet... more »

Matthias Ettrich

Matthias Ettrich is a German computer scientist known for his contributions to the KDE and LyX... more »

Max Rible Kaehn

"Max Rible Kaehn" is my married name; I was "Max Rible" as a bachelor. more »

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