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Sid Meier

Sidney K. "Sid" Meier is a Canadian-American programmer, designer and producer of several... more »

Silas Warner

Silas S. Warner was a game programmer, author and musician. As a programmer, he was the first... more »

Simon Cozens

Simon Cozens is a British Perl programmer, author, blogger and missionary. He is a graduate of... more »

Simon Rasmussen

Simon Rasmussen is a programmer. more »

Simon Tatham

Simon Tatham is an English programmer known primarily for creating and maintaining PuTTY, a free... more »

Simon Willison

Simon Willison is a programmer and co-founder of the social conference directory Lanyrd... more »

Sir Dystic

Josh Buchbinder, better known as Sir Dystic, has been a member of CULT OF THE DEAD COW since May... more »

Slim Amamou

Slim Amamou is a Tunisian blogger and the former Secretary of State for Sport and Youth, deputy... more »

Sohail Sen

Sohail Sen is an Indian film composer, musician and singer who works in Bollywood. He debuted as... more »

Spencer Kelly

spencer is a programmer, wikipedia editor from canada more »

Spencer Kimball

Spencer Kimball is a computer programmer most notable for his early work on the GNU Image... more »

Stalking Cat

Stalking Cat was a person who was best known for extensive body modifications, which were... more »


David Blake, also known as StankDawg, is the founder of the hacking group Digital DawgPound and... more »

Stepan Pachikov

Stepan Alexandrovich Pachikov is the co-founder of ParaGraph Intl., Parascript, Evernote Corp... more »

Stephen Warshall

Stephen Warshall was born in New York City. During his career, Warshall carried out research and... more »

Steve Barcia

Steve Barcia is a game programmer, game producer and entrepreneur, having founded the computer... more »

Steve Capps

Steve Capps is an American computer programmer, who was one of the designers of the original... more »

Steve Fawkner

Steve Fawkner is an Australian software designer, programmer, and composer who has worked for... more »

Steve Gibson

Steven Maury ″Tiberius″ Gibson is an American computer enthusiast, software engineer and... more »

Steve Litt

Steve Litt is a retired English football defender who played professionally in the Football... more »

Steve McIntyre

Steve McIntyre 29 de maio de 1974 é um engenheiro de software e colaborador de longa data do... more »

Steve Pavlina

Steve Pavlina is an American self-help author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur. He is the... more »

Steve Russell

Steve "Slug" Russell is an American computer scientist most famous for creating Spacewar!, one... more »

Steve Turner

Steve Turner was a computer game musician and designer. His development team, Graftgold, mostly... more »

Steve Wood

Steve Wood is an American technology-industry programmer, manager, and investor best known as an... more »

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