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Walter Bright

Walter Bright is a computer programmer known for being the designer of the D programming... more »

Ward Christensen

Ward Christensen is the co-founder of the CBBS bulletin board, the first bulletin board system... more »

Ward Cunningham

Howard G. "Ward" Cunningham is an American computer programmer who developed the first wiki. A... more »

Wayne Gould

Wayne Gould is a retired Hong Kong judge, most recently known for helping to popularise sudoku... more »

Wendell Goodman

Wendell Goodman is the husband of Wanda Jackson. more »

Werner Koch

Werner Koch is a German free software author. He is best known as the principal author of the... more »

Wesley Huntress

Wesley T. Huntress, Jr. is president of the Planetary Society in the United States and Director... more »

why the lucky stiff

Why the lucky stiff, was until 2009 a prolific writer, cartoonist, artist, and computer... more »

Wil Shipley

William "Wil" Jon Shipley is a Macintosh software developer, best known for co-founding and... more »

Will Harvey

Will Harvey is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who, at the age of 15, achieved fame for writing... more »

William A. Stein

William Arthur Stein is a professor of mathematics at the University of Washington. He is known... more »

William Barden, Jr.

William Barden, Jr. is an author of books and articles on computer programming. Barden's... more »

William Crowther

William Crowther is a computer programmer and caver. He is best known as the co-creator of... more »

William John Sullivan

William John Sullivan is a software freedom activist, hacker, and writer. John is currently... more »

William Jolitz

William Frederick Jolitz, commonly known as Bill Jolitz, is an American software programmer best... more »

William Shunn

William Shunn is a science fiction writer and computer programmer. He was raised in a Latter-day... more »

William Tang

William Tang was a video game author in the 1980s, best known for his ZX Spectrum and Commodore... more »

Wim Taymans

Wim Taymans is a software developer and Belgian national based in Barcelona, Spain. Taymans... more »

Wouter van Oortmerssen

Wouter van Oortmerssen, also known as Aardappel, is a Dutch computer programmer notable for his... more »

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