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Dale Archer

Dale Archer, Jr. is a medical doctor, psychiatrist and Distinguished Fellow of the American... more »

Daniel B. Fisher

Daniel B. Fisher is the psychiatrist, teacher, researcher, author and Chief Executive Officer... more »

Daniel Carlat

Daniel Carlat, M.D. is a psychiatrist in the United States. He has a private practice in... more »

Daniel G. Amen

Daniel Gregory Amen is an American psychiatrist, a brain disorder specialist, director of the... more »

Daniel Harold Casriel

Daniel Harold Casriel was an American psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and writer from New York City... more »

Daniel Stern

Daniel N. Stern was a prominent American psychiatrist and psychoanalytic theorist, specializing... more »

Dario Flores

Dario Flores is an actor and a psychiatrist. more »

Darold Treffert

Darold A. Treffert is a psychiatrist who specializes in the epidemiology of autism spectrum... more »

David A. Halperin

David A. Halperin was an American psychiatrist, editor and author. Dr. Halperin was Associate... more »

David Healy

David Healy, a professor of psychiatry at Bangor University in the UK, is a psychiatrist,... more »

David Shaffer

David Shaffer, M.D., F.R.C.P., F.R.C.Psych., is the Irving Philips Professor of Child Psychiatry... more »

David Spiegel

David Spiegel, M.D., is Associate Chair of Psychiatry at Stanford University, where he is known... more »

David Stafford-Clark

David Stafford-Clark was an English psychiatrist and author. He was educated at Felsted and... more »

Dean R. Brooks

Dean Kent Brooks was an American physician and actor. Brooks was the superintendent of Oregon... more »

Denis Lazure

Denis Lazure was a Canadian politician and a Member of the National Assembly of Quebec from 1976... more »

Dick Parks

Dick Parks is a psychiatrist. more »

Donal F. Early

Dr. Donal F. Early was an Irish psychiatrist. Early qualified LRCPI and LM from the College of... more »

Donald Winnicott

Donald Woods Winnicott was an English paediatrician and psychoanalyst who was especially... more »

Dorothy Otnow Lewis

Dorothy Otnow Lewis is an American psychiatrist and author who has been an expert witness at a... more »

Dr. Donald Trockman

Dr. Donald Trockman is the father of Shana Golden. more »

Dr. Nikolai Jeuniewic

Dr. Nikolai Jeuniewic is the husband of Rhonda Burchmore. more »

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