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John Bascom Wolfe

John Bascom Wolfe was an American social and behavioural psychologist best known for his study... more »

John Beebe

John Beebe is a Jungian analyst in practice in San Francisco. He received degrees from Harvard... more »

John Bissell Carroll

John Bissell Carroll was an American psychologist known for his contributions to psychology,... more »

John Bowlby

Edward John Mostyn Bowlby was a British psychologist, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, notable... more »

John C. Coleman

Dr. John Christopher Coleman is an English psychologist whose primary interest is adolescence... more »

John C. Flanagan

John Clemans Flanagan, was a noted psychologist most known for developing the Critical Incident... more »

John C. Raven

John Carlyle Raven was an English psychologist known for his contributions to psychometrics. more »

John C. Yuille

John C. Yuille is a Canadian psychologist whose research interests include forensic psychology,... more »

John Cacioppo

John Terrence Cacioppo is the Tiffany and Margaret Blake Distinguished Service Professor at the... more »

John D. Mayer

John D. Mayer is a psychologist at the University of New Hampshire. He is a personality... more »

John Darley

John M. Darley is a distinguished American social psychologist, who has made contributions to... more »

John Dewey

John Dewey was an American philosopher, psychologist, and educational reformer whose ideas have... more »

John Dollard

John Dollard was an American psychologist and social scientist best known for his studies on... more »

John Drimmer

John Drimmer is a producer, screenwriter, and director. Drimmer has worked both as a journalist,... more »

John E. Exner

John E. Exner, Jr., born in Syracuse, New York, was an American psychologist. He received a BS... more »

John F. Murray

John F. Murray is a Palm Beach, Florida based clinical and sport performance psychologist who... more »

John Frykman

John Harvey Frykman Ph.D., is a Lutheran minister and American psychotherapist specializing in... more »

John Gagnon

John H. Gagnon is a pioneering sociologist of human sexualities who has written and edited some... more »

John Garcia

John Garcia was an American psychologist, most known for his research on taste aversion... more »

John Gowan

John Curtis Gowan was a psychologist who studied, along with E. Paul Torrance, the development... more »

John H. Flavell

John H. Flavell is an American developmental psychologist specializing in children's cognitive... more »

John Jolliffe

John Jolliffe is a psychologist. more »

John L. Holland

John Lewis Holland was Professor Emeritus of Sociology at Johns Hopkins University and an... more »

John L. Horn

John L. Horn was a scholar, cognitive psychologist and a pioneer in developing theories of... more »

John Layard

John Willoughby Layard was an English anthropologist and psychologist. more »

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