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Paul Stevenson

Paul Joseph Stevenson OAM is an Australian psychologist and a recognised authority within the... more »

Paul Tholey

Paul Tholey was a German Gestalt psychologist, and a professor of psychology and sports... more »

Paul Vitz

Paul C. Vitz is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at New York University. more »

Paul Watzlawick

Paul Watzlawick was an Austrian-American family therapist, psychologist, communications... more »

Paula Barrett

Paula Barrett is a scholar and researcher in the field of child psychology. She has been... more »

Paula Caplan

Paula Joan Caplan is a clinical and research psychologist, activist, social justice and human... more »

Paula Frías Allende

Paula Frías Allende was the daughter of Chilean-American author, Isabel Allende Llona. Her... more »

Pavel Blonsky

Pavel Petrovich Blonsky was a Soviet psychologist who lived in the Ukraine until 1918. He... more »

Pawel Lewicki

Paul Lewicki is a cognitive scientist, an entrepreneur, and investor. He was a professor of... more »

Peggy Drexler

Peggy Drexler is a writer. more »

Peggy Kleinplatz

Peggy J. Kleinplatz is a Canadian clinical professor, psychologist, and sexologist whose work... more »

Penelope Leach

Penelope J. Leach is a British psychologist who writes extensively on parenting issues from a... more »

Perry N. Halkitis

Perry N. Halkitis is an American psychologist known for his research on issues of health, human... more »

Peter A. Levine

Peter A. Levine, PhD is an American therapist, author and educator who specializes in the... more »

Péter Bergendy

Péter Bergendy is a film director, psychologist and actor. more »

Peter Fagan

Peter Jerome Fagan is an American psychologist who served as director of the Sexual Behaviors... more »

Peter Gray

Peter Gray is an American psychologist who currently occupies the position of research professor... more »

Peter O'Connor

Peter A. O’Connor is a psychologist with a private psychotherapy practice in Melbourne,... more »

Peter R. Hofstätter

Peter R. Hofstätter was an Austrian social psychologist. He was the only child of Robert... more »

Peter Salovey

Peter Salovey is an American social psychologist and 23rd President of Yale University. He... more »

Peter Saville

Peter Saville is a British Chartered Occupational Psychologist involved in Talent Management who... more »

Peter Suedfeld

Peter Suedfeld is a Canadian/American/Hungarian psychology professor, psychologist, writer,... more »

Phil Barnhart

Phil Barnhart is a Democratic member of the Oregon House of Representatives, representing... more »

Phil Barresi

Phillip Anthony Barresi, Australian politician, was a Liberal member of the Australian House of... more »

Phil McGraw

Phillip Calvin McGraw, best known as Dr. Phil, is an American television personality, author,... more »

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