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René Diekstra

René F.W. Diekstra is a Dutch psychologist. Apart from being a scientist, he is also well known... more »

René V. Dawis

René V. Dawis is an American psychology professor. He taught at University of Minnesota and is... more »

René Zazzo

René Zazzo was a French psychologist and pedagogue. The essence of Zazzo's research related to... more »

Rensis Likert

Rensis Likert was an American administrator and organizational psychologist based at the U.S... more »

Reuben Fine

Reuben Fine was an American chess grandmaster, psychologist, university professor, and author of... more »

Reva Gerstein

Reva Appleby Gerstein, CC OOnt is a Canadian psychologist and educator. She was the first woman... more »

Richard A. Weinberg

Richard A. Weinberg is an American psychology professor. For most of his career, Weinberg has... more »

Richard Abidin

Richard R. Abidin, EdD is a noted psychologist who has devoted much of his career to studying... more »

Richard Bean

Richard Bean is an English playwright. more »

Richard Bentall

Richard Bentall is a Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Liverpool in the UK. more »

Richard Bootzin

Dr. Richard R. Bootzin is a clinical and research Psychologist. Bootzin currently serves as a... more »

Richard C. Anderson

Richard C. Anderson is an American educational psychologist who has published influential... more »

Richard C. Atkinson

Richard Chatham Atkinson is an American professor of psychology and academic administrator. He... more »

Richard C. McCarty

Richard C. McCarty is a professor of psychology and the provost and vice chancellor of academic... more »

Richard D. Arvey

Richard D. Arvey is an American psychology professor. Arvey received a bachelor of arts degree... more »

Richard D. Ryder

Richard Hood Jack Dudley Ryder is a British writer and psychologist. Ryder became known in the... more »

Richard Davidson

Richard J. Davidson is professor of psychology and psychiatry at the University of... more »

Richard de Mille

Richard De Mille was an American Scientologist, author, investigative journalist, and psychologist. more »

Richard E. Mayer

Richard E. Mayer is an American educational psychologist who has made significant contributions... more »

Richard E. Nisbett

Richard E. Nisbett is Theodore M. Newcomb Distinguished Professor of social psychology and... more »

Richard Farson

Richard Farson Ph.D., is a psychologist, author, and educator. He is the president and chief... more »

Richard Gartner

Richard B. Gartner is a clinical psychologist who was trained both as a family therapist and an... more »

Richard Gregory

Richard Langton Gregory CBE FRS FRSE was a British psychologist and Emeritus Professor of... more »

Richard Heimberg

Richard Heimberg is a researcher, psychotherapist, and current professor at Temple University. more »

Richard Herrnstein

Richard J. Herrnstein was an American researcher in animal learning in the Skinnerian tradition... more »

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