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Robert Epstein

Robert Epstein Ph.D. is an American psychologist, professor, author, and journalist. He earned... more »

Robert Frager

Robert Frager, PhD, is a Harvard-trained social psychologist. He is the founder of the Institute... more »

Robert Gifford

Robert Gifford is professor of Psychology and Environmental Studies at the University of... more »

Robert Glaser

Robert Glaser was an American educational psychologist, who has made significant contributions... more »

Robert Hogan

Robert Hogan is an American psychologist known for his innovations in personality testing, and... more »

Robert Kegan

Robert Kegan is an American developmental psychologist and author. He is the William and Miriam... more »

Robert L. Ebel

Robert Ebel was an American educational psychologist who specialized in educational... more »

Robert L. Thorndike

Robert L. Thorndike was a psychometrician and educational psychologist who made significant... more »

Robert Lindner

Robert M. Lindner was an American author and psychologist, best known as the author of the 1944... more »

Robert M. Arkin

Robert M. Arkin is the brother of David Arkin. more »

Robert M. Gagné

Robert Mills Gagné was an American educational psychologist best known for his "Conditions of... more »

Robert Ornstein

Robert Evan Ornstein is an American psychologist, researcher and author. He has taught at the... more »

Robert P. Abelson

Robert Paul Abelson was a Yale University psychologist and political scientist with special... more »

Robert Perloff

Robert Perloff was an American psychology and business administration professor emeritus, who... more »

Robert Plomin

Robert J. Plomin is an American psychologist best known for his work in twin studies and... more »

Robert Plutchik

Robert Plutchik was professor emeritus at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and adjunct... more »

Robert Remez

Robert Remez is an American experimental psychologist, cognitive scientist, theoretician and... more »

Robert Ritter

Robert Ritter, Ph. D. was a German psychiatrist and physician best known for his work related to... more »

Robert Rosenthal

Robert Rosenthal is a Distinguished Professor of Psychology at the University of California,... more »

Robert S. Wallerstein

Robert S. Wallerstein is a prominent American psychoanalyst. He has headed the Psychotherapy... more »

Robert S. Woodworth

Robert Sessions Woodworth was an influential American academic psychologist of the first half of... more »

Robert Slavin

Robert "Bob" Slavin is an American psychologist who studies educational and academic issues. His... more »

Robert Sommer

Robert Sommer is an internationally known Environmental Psychologist and currently holds the... more »

Robert Sternberg

Robert Sternberg is an American psychologist and psychometrician. He is the president of the... more »

Robert Stoller

Robert Jesse Stoller, was a Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA Medical School and a researcher at... more »

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