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Ma Wing-shing

Ma Wing-shing is a Hong Kong manhua artist, writer and publisher. He is best known for creating... more »

Malcolm Forbes

Malcolm Stevenson Forbes was publisher of Forbes magazine, founded by his father B. C. Forbes... more »

Manuel Pérez y Curis

Manuel Pérez y Curis was an Uruguayan poet, born in Montevideo, Uruguay. The Apolo Magazine... more »

Marc Aronson

Marc Aronson is an American author, editor, publisher, speaker, and historian. He has written... more »

Marcel Schlutt

Marcel Schlutt is a German fashion model, photographer and columnist. He came to prominence as a... more »

Marcus Garvey

Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Jr., ONH, was a Jamaican political leader, publisher, journalist,... more »

Mariela Griffor

Mariela Griffor, is a poet, teacher, editor, publisher and diplomat. She is author of three... more »

Marion Dickens

Marion Dickens is a publisher. more »

Mark Hill

Mark Hill is a British antiques expert, TV presenter, author and publisher. more »

Mark Holborn

Mark Holborn is a book editor and publisher. more »

Mark Lund

Mark Ashton Lund is a writer, publisher, and television analyst who covers figure skating. He is... more »

Mark Pilkington

Mark Pilkington is a writer, publisher, curator and musician with particular interest in the... more »

Mark Turosz

Mark Turosz is a screenwriter. more »

Markos Moulitsas

Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, often known by his username and former military nickname "Kos", is the... more »

Marshall S. Cornwell

Marshall Silas Cornwell was a 19th century American newspaper publisher and editor, writer, and... more »

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart is an American business magnate, writer, and television personality. As founder... more »

Martin Maginnis

Martin Maginnis was a nineteenth-century politician, publisher, editor and miner from Minnesota... more »

Marvin Pierce

Marvin Pierce was president of McCall Corporation, the publisher of the popular women's... more »

Mary Cooper

Mary Cooper was a London-based publisher and bookseller who flourished between 1743 and 1761... more »

Mary E. Tipton

Mary E. Tipton was the mother of Frank Luther Mott. more »

Mary Kozyrev

Mary Kozyrev was a school administrator, publisher, and mother of actor Patrick Bauchau. more »

Maryam Sachs

Maryam Sachs is a writer, publisher, Emeritus Trustee of the Royal Academy of Arts, and a member... more »

Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson is a singer/songwriter best known as the vocalist and only constant member of his... more »

Matthäus Merian

Matthäus Merian der Ältere was a Swiss-born engraver who worked in Frankfurt for most of his... more »

Maurice Bardèche

Maurice Bardèche was a French essayist, literary and art critic, journalist, and one of the... more »

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