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Aaron Cometbus

Aaron Elliott, better known as Aaron Cometbus, is an American drummer, lyricist, self-described... more »

Adam Goren

Adam Goren is a musician, best known as the sole member of the synthpunk band Atom and His Package. more »

Ai Ishigaki

Ai Ishigaki was the support guitarist for The Mad Capsule Markets from 1990 to 1996. He got the... more »

Al Sobrante

John Kiffmeyer, was the original drummer of the punk rock band Green Day. He was given his... more »

Andy DeMize

Andrew Martinez, better known as Andy DeMize, was a Mexican-American musician. Martinez was the... more »

Andy Granelli

Andy Granelli is an American drummer. Initially drumming for a band known as Model American in... more »

Andy Moor

Andy Moor is an experimental musician, best known as the guitarist of the UK band Dog Faced... more »


Anonymous is a band from Andorra that in 2007 represented the country with the song "Salvem el... more »

Anthony Rossomando

Anthony Rossomando is a writer-producer, composer, guitarist and musical director. most recently... more »

Ari Up

Ariane Daniela Forster, known by her stage name Ari Up, was a German-born vocalist best known as... more »