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Rabbah bar Nahmani

Rabbah bar Nachmani was a Jewish Talmudist known as an amora, who lived in Babylonia, and is... more »

Rabbi Akiva

Akiva ben Joseph, widely known as Rabbi Akiva, was a tanna of the latter part of the 1st century... more »

Rabbi Meir

Rabbi Meir or Rabbi Meir Baal HaNes was a Jewish sage who lived in the time of the Mishna. He... more »

Raphael Berdugo

Raphael Berdugo, a son of Rabbi Mordecai Berdugo, was a dayan, a scholar, and one of the... more »

Raphael Hayyim Isaac Carregal

Raphael Hayyim Isaac Carregal was an itinerant Palestinian rabbi and preacher. He is the first... more »

Raphael Meldola

Raphael Meldola was an English Rabbi. Born in Livorno, he died in London . He was one of the... more »


Shlomo Yitzchaki, or in Latin Salomon Isaacides, and today generally known by the acronym Rashi,... more »

Rav Ashi

Rav Ashi was a Babylonian Amoraic Talmid Chacham, who reestablished the Academy at Sura and was... more »

Rav Jonah

Jonah was a Palestinian amora of the 4th century, the leading rabbinical authority in the 4th... more »

Rav Nachman

Rav Nachman bar Yaakov was a Jewish Talmudist who lived in Babylonia, known as an Amora of the... more »

Rav Papa

Rav Pappa was a Jewish Talmudist who lived in Babylonia. He was an Amora; a student of both Rava... more »


Abba ben Joseph bar Ḥama, who is exclusively referred to in the Talmud by the name Rava, was a... more »

Raymond Apple

Rabbi Raymond Apple was the Senior Rabbi of the Great Synagogue of Sydney between 1972 and 2005... more »

Reeve Robert Brenner

Reeve Robert Brenner is an American Reform rabbi, inventor and author. more »

Regina Jonas

Regina Jonas was a Berlin-born rabbi. In 1935, she became the first woman to be ordained as a rabbi. more »

Reuven Bulka

Reuven P. Bulka CM is a rabbi, writer, broadcaster and activist in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and... more »

Reuven Hammer

Reuven Hammer is a Conservative Jewish rabbi, scholar of Jewish liturgy, author and lecturer. He... more »

Riccardo Pacifici

Riccardo Reuven Pacifici was a rabbi from an Italian Jewish family of ancient Sephardic origins,... more »

Richard Jacobs

Richard J. Jacobs is a Reform rabbi and the president of the Union for Reform Judaism, the... more »

Robert Gordis

Robert Gordis was a leading Conservative rabbi. He founded the first Conservative Jewish day... more »

Rogatchover Gaon

Joseph Rosen, known as the Rogatchover Gaon, and also often referred to by the title of his main... more »

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