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Alain de Cadenet

Alain de Cadenet is a television presenter for the Speed Channel and ESPN. He has hosted... more »

Alain de Changy

Alain Carpentier de Changy was a racing driver from Belgium. His single Formula One World... more »

Alain Ferté

Alain Ferté is a professional racing driver. He is the elder brother of Michel Ferté, who is... more »

Alain Menu

Alain Menu is a Swiss racing driver. He was one of the most successful touring car drivers of... more »

Alain Prost

Alain Marie Pascal Prost, OBE, Chevalier de la Légion d'honneur is a French racing driver. A... more »

Alan Brown

Alan Everest Brown was a British racing driver from England. He took up motor racing in a... more »

Alan Gurr

Alan Gurr is a retired Australian racing driver. Currently without a full-time drive, Gurr was... more »

Alan Jones

Alan Stanley Jones MBE is an Australian former Formula One driver. He was the first driver to... more »

Alan Kulwicki

Alan Dennis Kulwicki, nicknamed "Special K" and the "Polish Prince", was an American NASCAR... more »

Alan Rollinson

Alan Rollinson is a British former racing driver from England. He entered one Formula One World... more »

Alan Stacey

Alan Stacey, was a British racing driver. He began his association with Lotus when he built one... more »

Alan Taylor

Alan Taylor is a British racing driver who drove in the British Touring Car Championship in 2007... more »

Alan van der Merwe

Alan van der Merwe is a South African race car driver. He won the 2001 Formula Ford Festival, he... more »

Albert Divo

Albert Divo was a Grand Prix motor racing driver. He was born in Paris, France. In 1922, Divo... more »

Albert Guyot

Albert Guyot was a French racecar driver. He was one of four drivers who entered with Duesenberg... more »

Albert Karnatz

Albert Karnatz was an American racecar driver. A legend at his local track, he was killed there... more »

Albert Scherrer

Albert Scherrer was a racing driver from Switzerland. He participated in one Formula One World... more »

Alberto Ascari

Alberto Ascari was an Italian racing driver and twice Formula One World Champion. He is one of... more »

Alberto Colombo

Alberto Colombo is a former racing driver from Italy. He unsuccessfully entered three Formula... more »

Alberto Crespo

Alberto Augusto Crespo was a racing driver from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He entered one World... more »

Alberto Rodriguez Larreta

Alberto Rodriguez Larreta was a racing driver from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He participated in... more »

Aldo Andretti

Aldo Andretti is the twin brother of Mario Andretti and the father of John Andretti and Adam... more »

Aldo Franchi

Aldo Franchi was an Italian racecar driver. more »

Aldo Gordini

Aldo Gordini was a racing driver from France. Born in Bologna, Italy, he was the son of Amédée... more »

Aldo Marazza

Aldo Marazza was an Italian voiturette racing driver, regarded as the most promising at the... more »

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