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Fabian Coulthard

Fabian Coulthard is a New Zealand professional race car driver, currently competing in the V8... more »

Fabio Carbone

Fabio Carbone is a Brazilian race car driver. more »

Fabrizio Barbazza

Fabrizio Barbazza is an Italian former Formula One driver who raced for the AGS and Minardi... more »

Fabrizio del Monte

Fabrizio Del Monte is an Italian racing driver. He drove for three seasons in European Formula... more »

Fabrizio Giovanardi

Fabrizio Giovanardi is an Italian racing driver. During his career he has won eight touring car... more »

Fairuz Fauzy

Mohamed Fairuz Fauzy is a race car driver. more »

Fariqe Hairuman

Fariqe Hairuman is a Malaysian race car driver. more »

Fedor Andreev

Fedor Vladimirovich Andreev is a figure skater with dual Russian and Canadian citizenship. In... more »

Felice Bonetto

Felice Bonetto was a racing driver who raced in Formula One for the Maserati, Scuderia Milano... more »

Felice Nazzaro

Felice Nazzaro was an Italian racecar driver, a native of Turin. He won the Kaiserpreis in 1907... more »

Felipe Giaffone

Felipe Giaffone is a race car driver from Brazil. He competed in the Indy Racing League between... more »

Felipe Massa

Felipe Massa is a Brazilian Formula One racing driver, currently driving for Ferrari. Massa... more »

Félix Porteiro

Félix Porteiro is a Spanish racing driver. more »

Ferdinand Stuck

Ferdinand Stuck is an Austrian racecar driver. more »

Ferdinando Minoia

Ferdinando "Nando" Minoia was an Italian racing driver with an exceptionally long, distinguished... more »

Ferdinando Monfardini

Ferdinando Monfardini is an Italian race car driver. He raced in the 2005 and 2006 GP2 Series... more »

Ferenc Szisz

Ferenc Szisz, was a Hungarian race car driver and the winner of the first Grand Prix motor... more »

Fermín Vélez

Fermín Vélez was a Spanish sports car racing driver, two-time winner of the 12 Hours of Sebring... more »

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso Díaz is a Spanish Formula One racing driver and a two-time World Champion who is... more »

Fernando Rees

Fernando Rees is a Brazilian racecar driver. He started his career racing with go-karts back in... more »

Filipe Albuquerque

Filipe Miguel Delgadinho Albuquerque is a Portuguese race car driver, currently driving in the... more »

Fiona Leggate

Fiona Leggate is a British auto racing driver, born on 28 May 1980 in Lincolnshire. Married to... more »

Fireball Roberts

Edward Glenn Roberts, Jr. was a race car driver. more »

Floyd Davis

Floyd Eldon Davis was the co-winner of the 1941 Indianapolis 500. Floyd Davis drove the first 72... more »

Floyd Roberts

Floyd Marion Roberts is a former Championship Car racing driver from Jamestown, North Dakota. He... more »

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