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Philippe Bugalski

Philippe Bugalski was a French rally driver. Bugalski became a works Renault driver in the... more »

Philippe de Rothschild

Baron Philippe de Rothschild was a member of the Rothschild banking dynasty who became a Grand... more »

Philippe Étancelin

Philippe Étancelin was a French Grand Prix motor racing driver who joined the new Formula One... more »

Philippe Gache

Philippe Gache is a French racecar driver. He has raced in a number of disciplines, but for the... more »

Philippe Monnet

Philippe Monnet is a single-handed sailor from France, born in La Clusaz. more »

Phillip Scifleet

Phillip Scifleet, born 4 May 1977, is an Australian race driver. Starting in Karts in 1993... more »

Piercarlo Ghinzani

Piercarlo Ghinzani is a former racing driver from Italy. He currently manages his own racing... more »

Pierluigi Martini

Pierluigi Martini is an Italian former racing driver. He participated in 124 Formula One Grand... more »

Piero Carini

Piero Carini was a racing driver from Italy. He was born in Genua and died in Saint-Étienne,... more »

Piero Dusio

Piero Dusio was an Italian soccer player, businessman and racing driver. Dusio was born at... more »

Piero Liatti

Piero Liatti is an Italian rally driver. His speciality was driving on Tarmac rallies like Monte... more »

Piero Rodarte

Piero Rodarte is a race car driver born in Mexico on November 30, 1983. Rodarte competed in... more »

Piero Taruffi

Piero Taruffi, was a racing driver from Italy, and also the father of lady racer Prisca Taruffi. more »

Pierre Bourque

Pierre Bourque, a journalist and former politician in Ottawa, Ontario, operates the online news... more »

Pierre De Vizcaya

Pierre de Vizcaya was a Spanish racecar driver. more »

Pierre Kaffer

Pierre Kaffer is a race driver from Germany, currently living in Switzerland. more »

Pierre Levegh

Pierre Eugène Alfred Bouillin was a French sportsman and racing driver. He took the racing name... more »

Pierre Maréchal

Jean-Pierre Maréchal was an engineer and racing driver who died after his Aston Martin team car... more »

Pierre Veyron

Pierre Veyron was a French Grand Prix motor racing driver active from 1933 through 1953. Pierre... more »

Pierre-Henri Raphanel

Pierre-Henri Raphanel is a former French racing driver. He participated in 17 Formula One Grands... more »

Piers Courage

Piers Raymond Courage was a racing driver from England. He participated in 29 World Championship... more »

Pietro Bordino

Pietro Bordino was an Italian racecar driver. A native of Turin, Bordino won the 1922 Italian... more »

Popó Bueno

Paulo Eduardo Ferro Costa Galvão Bueno, better known as Popó Bueno is a Brazilian racing driver,... more »

Possum Bourne

Peter Raymond George "Possum" Bourne was a champion New Zealand rally car driver. He died under... more »

Price Cobb

Price Cobb is an American racecar driver. He won the 1990 24 Hours of Le Mans together with John... more »

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