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Reinhold Joest

Reinhold Joest is a former German race car driver and current team owner. During the last 25... more »

Rémy Julienne

Rémy Julienne is a pioneering French driving stunt performer, stunt coordinator, assistant... more »

Ren Nagabuchi

Ren Nagabuchi is a racecar driver. more »

René Arnoux

René Alexandre Arnoux is a retired French racing driver who is a veteran of 12 Formula One... more »

René Dreyfus

René Dreyfus was a French driver who raced automobiles for 14 years in the 1920s and 1930s, the... more »

René Le Bègue

René Le Bègue was a Parisian-born French race car driver in Rally and Grand Prix motor racing... more »

René Thomas

René Thomas was a French motor racing champion. Thomas was also a pioneer aviator. He won the... more »

Renger van der Zande

Renger van der Zande is a Dutch race-car driver. He is the son of the 1978 National Dutch... more »

Rex Mays

Rex Houston Mays, Jr. is a former AAA Championship Car race driver from Riverside, California... more »

Rex White

Rex White is a retired Irish auto racer and NASCAR champion. White was one of the drivers who... more »

Rhys Millen

Rhys Millen, nephew of IMSA GTS driver Steve Millen, son of Rod and elder brother of Ryan, is... more »

Ricardo Risatti

Ricardo Caíto Risatti is an Argentine racing driver who has progressed through the ranks of... more »

Ricardo Rodríguez

Ricardo Valentín Rodríguez de la Vega was a Mexican racing driver who competed in the 1961 and... more »

Ricardo Rosset

Ricardo Rosset is a racing driver from Brazil. He participated in 33 Formula One Grands Prix,... more »

Ricardo Sperafico

Ricardo Sperafico is a Brazilian racing driver. more »

Ricardo Zonta

Ricardo Luiz Zonta is a Brazilian racing driver. more »

Ricardo Zunino

Ricardo Héctor Zunino is a former racing driver from Argentina who participated in Formula One... more »

Riccardo Moscatelli

Riccardo Moscatelli was an Italian race car driver. His career began in 1988 when he took up... more »

Riccardo Paletti

Riccardo Paletti was an Italian motor racing driver. Paletti was killed when he crashed on the... more »

Riccardo Patrese

Riccardo Gabriele Patrese is an Italian former racing driver, who raced in Formula One from 1977... more »

Rich Bickle

Richard "Rich" Bickle, Jr. is a American stock car racing driver. Now retired, Bickle, who has... more »

Rich Vogler

Rich Vogler was a champion sprint car and midget car driver. He was nicknamed "Rapid Rich". He... more »

Richard Antinucci

Richard Antinucci is an American race car driver. more »

Richard Attwood

Richard James David Attwood is a British motor racing driver. During his career he raced for the... more »

Richard Brickhouse

Richard Brickhouse is a retired NASCAR driver. He is best known for winning the inaugural... more »

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